National Garden Month on April, 2025: What things should I be doing in the garden this month?

April, 2025 is National Garden Month 2025. Step Forward National Garden Month

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What things should I be doing in the garden this month?

You may consider putting a 'green' cover crop on the garden for now and turn it in in the spring. This will help your soil and feed future plants. If you cannot wait, this is the time to plant bulbs for spring and summer color. Here is an article on things to do in the October Garden:

The National Home Garden Club?

The National Home Garden Club?

Unless you are homebound and can't get out I would suggest you join your local garden club, you will get all kinds of free stuff from other members and of course advice.

The National Home Garden Club to me is a waste of money

Inspiration for garden ideas?

Inspiration for garden ideas?

Better than any website or book is to get out there and look at gardens.

Visit as many gardens as you can, if you are in the UK get a copy of the Yellow Book which lists private gardens that open to the public under the National Garden Scheme. ?

The National Trust have wonderful gardens but many of them close over the winter months.

You can get inspiration from a large garden, often there will be a little corner or plant grouping that you can copy or adapt for a smaller space.

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