International Surf Music Month on June, 2024: BlackBerry Messenger help pleasee!?

June, 2024 is International Surf Music Month 2024. NESMA Acoustic Surf Tones

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BlackBerry Messenger help pleasee!?

Call your caller and tell them you want to have a Blackberry Data plan, along with a voice plan for X number of minutes. (X being the amount you want to for voice calls).

O2 may have bundled plans that have voice and SMS, and the Blackberry Data as an add on, like they do in the states.

UK info that may be helpful to you. The link is also below, and I do not know how current the pricing info is in this article.

O2 BlackBerry Service

O2, a telecommunications business in the UK, declares itself the leader of non-voice services, including text, media messaging, games, music and video. They also pride themselves on their myriad of data connections, including WLAN and 3G.

Pros: The company offers BES, BlackBerry Internet Solutions, and business prices, so that you can get BlackBerry access, no matter what kind of mobile user you are. O2 provides everything you need, including end user licenses and unlimited data. You can also choose to go with a prepaid plan or a monthly unlimited plan.

Cons: There are no voice BlackBerry plans – you will need to purchase a compatible voice plan to use your BlackBerry as a phone.

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Visit the Official O2 BlackBerry Site

Detailed Provider Information:

Voice Plan Options: You can choose to purchase a BlackBerry Enterprise Server line, if you have a business; or if you’re an individual user, you can choose to go with the BlackBerry Internet Services. The plans for the BIS include one for customers who find themselves using a lot of data, and one that allows you to only pay for the data you use. This second plan is for people who don’t need access to the Internet and email every day. Compatible voice plans include monthly minutes from 50 to 1800, with 1500 off-peak minutes and 250 texts. The price range for these plans is £25 to £75 a month, depending on your contract.

Data Options: The first plan, O2 unlimited, gives you the ability to send and receive as many emails as you want to, surf the Internet and have unlimited use of Yahoo Messenger. You do need a voice plan for the cost of £10 a month. If you don’t want a voice plan, you’ll pay £15 a month. This is the only plan that allows you to have BlackBerry without voice.

The second plan, O2 Pay As You Use, charges you per MB that you use. The charge is £2.70 per MB. This plan is available on all of the voice plans as an add-on, and works for individuals who don’t need constant access to the Web or to email. However, whenever your BlackBerry is on, it will be connected to the network to ensure that you get your emails quickly. This takes about 10 MB and you are charged for it.

The BES plan costs £28 per line, plus however many user licenses you need for your business. You will need BES software, as well. O2 does provide end-user licenses for £59.

Messaging Options: You can choose to text message, picture or video message, or IM. Each of these services costs extra, unless included in a voice plan.

Customer Service: You can choose to create an online account with O2 to manage and ask questions about your mobile service, or you can call, go into an O2 store, or email them for any help you need.

Contract: Most contracts are 18 months long. There is a charge to get out of it.

Messaging: A UK text is 12p; a picture or video message is 25p.

International Calling and Messaging: Like all providers, O2 has a site where you can find out the rates of the country you will be traveling to or calling.

Roaming Charges: There are international roaming charges for calling overseas.

Activation Fee: You may be asked to pay a deposit for use of the services. If you want to use international services, you may be asked about your billing history and/or be liable for a deposit.

Additional Features: You can choose to download ringtones, games, mobile video, chat and music. Downloading charges may apply. You can also add things to your service like insurance or international services.

Insurance: There are two insurance policies – one for Pay As You Go, and one for monthly services. You do need to buy it within 14 days of buying a new phone. It protects your phone against loss, theft and unauthorized calls. The monthly cost is either £7.50 or £6, depending on what sort of level of protection you get.

Phones: O2 offers the BlackBerry Bold 9000. The Bold is definitely an executive alternative to the BlackBerry Curve.

Some Additional BlackBerry Models Available:

BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Pearl 81xx

BlackBerry 8820

BlackBerry Curve 8310

Coverage Map: You can search for mobile coverage in your area here.

South Korea or Italy? Help!?

South Korea or Italy? Help!?

I can highly recommend Italy - beautiful art, architecture, scenery and music, interesting local festivals, great people and food. Beaches, mountains, lakes, the ocean, historic sites, world class museums and galleries and a lot of varied things to see and do. The best part is the wonderful Italian people. It's very easy to get out and explore Italy and further in Europe using the trains or budget flights. At a high level, life isn't all that different; you still need to work to support yourself, shop, cook, clean house, study etc. It's the details that are different. Life tends to be more relaxed. Rather than driving everywhere i tended to walk or bike places. Life was generally at a slower pace. There were frequently things going on in town and local events tended to have something for the entire family. You could stroll into town in the evening and see a concert, dance recital, play in local dialect or other event in the piazza two or three weeks a night in the summer. The local market was Saturday in the town where I lived and then would move on through other towns during the week. There was a local antiquaria (flea market) the 2nd Sunday of every month where the streets were filled with merchants and people browsing/socializing.

As a resident for a period, you'll have the opportunity to do things that aren't so common for the usual tourist that only have a week or two. There are lots of local festivals like the Eurochocolate Festival in Perugia, the Luminaria in Lucca, the Giostra (Joust) in Arezzo or the Truffle festival in San Miniato that are close to Florence. You could also easily take the night train to Paris, Munich or Vienna for the weekend. If you decide to go to Munich for Oktoberfest in late September, you'll want to buy tickets well in advance.

Here are some resources that can help you plan and check options and current prices if you want to explore beyond Florence (expect prices in the future to rise):

- airfares & hotels; the explore function is useful for finding the less expensive places to fly into from your starting point.

- particularly good for budget flights within Europe, but you can also use everywhere as a destination to do something like the explore option on Kayak. You may not need the airfares, but you can compare to the cost of the trains to get around. this one may be more useful for you.

- a great train site with details about railpasses. It can be cheaper to buy individual tickets than passes. This site will tell you how to determine whether you're better off with a railpass or individual tickets or some combination for your trip. It also details how to use the pass and what to avoid to get the best use out of a pass. Most high speed, international and night trains require reservations and will require you to pay a supplement when you use a railpass. You need to be aware that a railpass is almost always more expensive for trains here in some places like Italy and Spain.


- hotels/B&Bs - prices for the same hotel can vary hugely depending on the season and what local events are going on.

- hostels.

- monasteries & convents that offer accommodations

You can also look into camping or couch surfing as cheaper alternatives for accommodations.

... - festivals, exhibitions and events

- information & advice

For sightseeing prices: check the websites for entrance fees for the museums & galleries you're interested in. I spend anywhere between nothing and 40 euro a day depending on exactly what I go to see when out exploring. For food, I spend around 25 to 50 euro for a meal, but you can eat for less. A pizza is 8 to 13 euro and a panino or wrap is around 3 to 6.50 euro in many places. You can often get food at festivals at a relatively low price. You can also shop in the markets and put some meals together for yourselves.When I travel, I like to try the local specialties and the good restaurants.

NSCAD University - BFA FILM (HELP!)?

NSCAD University - BFA FILM (HELP!)?

Hello, I will answer each of your questions in order. I am the recruitment officer for NSCAD.

1) Halifax is absolutely a city for art students. NSCAD's Anna leonowen gallery has 125 exhibits per year alone. There are many galleries with frequent exhibits. There are also music festivals, fashion weeks, theater festivals and art events throughout the year. Specifically to your interest, there are also several film festivals: the Atlantic film festival, the Halifax independent festival, viewfinders festival, surfing film festival etc. there is a long term film co-operative in town that also has screenings throughout the year. The film industry is also vibrant in nova scotia, ranging from small music video shoots, to 5 month television series shoots.

2) nscad grads have not only gotten into festivals around the world, but have received acclaim for them. Nscad grads are also found working throughout the industry here. From production managers to directors, to office managers of major film gear rental houses.

3) NSCADS film program is one geared to create story tellers with artistic sensibilities. It's interdisciplinary nature fosters a rich collection of visual tools to draw from. You will learn to not only become a strong narrative storyteller, but also have the opportunity to try more experimental work.

4) NSCAD is a well respected and highly regarded art school internationally. Our graduates can be found in careers all over the world.

5) NSCAD does not seek to profit from its students. We provide a small community atmosphere that allows artists to explore ideas with full creative freedom.

6) NSCAD is known internationally. We have students from across the world.(ex. China, south America, Africa,Europe). Our international student population is growing every year.

7) this last question is a little harder to answer as I do not know what your ultimate goals are. Nscad is a place that wants you to explore all art forms and to broaden your definitions of what each art forms can be. Then when you select a major after foundation year (in your case,film), you have a much richer base to draw upon in your work. If you have a very specific idea of what you want to do in film: an editor, or a boom operator, than maybe a 2year diploma that specializes in that trade and the tools you need would be more appropriate. However, if you want to explore film as an art form and find your voice within the discipline, then NSCAD would be a good fit.

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