Health Information and Technology Week on November, 2023: English Paper - Technology?

Health Information and Technology Week 2023. Health Information & Technology Week Health Information

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English Paper - Technology?

You could write about:

* the Technology Gap: the different opportunities available to those with access to computers/internet/cellphones compared to those without

* the falling cost of technology: the President of IBM in 1943 said he saw a world market for "five, maybe six computers" but now they're everywhere - this has had a huge impact on the course of history

* technology in care: with an increasingly aging population, researchers in Japan and elsewhere are looking to robots to help care for the elderly

* censorship, technology and government: the fax machine was used to spread information in Communist Eastern Europe just before the end of the Cold War in a way not controlled by the authoritarian governments. China is now struggling to control the flow of information through the internet, and its society is changing as a result.

* technology in health & safety: cars of the future which brake when they see an obstacle, remote-control surgery etc.

* about a million other things... but the five above are valid general topics. If you don't like any of the suggestions above, a good place to look for inspiration is the BBC News Technology section.

computer careers: should i study computer information systems, graphic design, or 3d animation?

computer careers: should i study computer information systems, graphic design, or 3d animation?

It would be worth investigating the printing technologies (graphic arts) study because most of the high-end printing is very computer driven, and there is also the potential of getting involved in the production aspect of preparing design work for print. There are lots of job possibilities in this field. Go to which is the Graphic Arts Information Network. They have a section for students which contains career information.

Printers and production people work very closely with the designers. They have to be precise and detail-oriented but it is not considered the creative side of the industry. That would be the graphic designers. However, designers often work long hours (although this varies dramatically from one position and company to the next.) The production people are generally on a set schedule.

If you want to consider the creative side, go to for more information. I'd recommend a good graphic design program rather than a focus on strictly web design because your education will be broader and will prepare you for a wide range of design careers.

Good luck!

Which career would you choose among these: health information technician or paralegal? ?

Which career would you choose among these: health information technician or paralegal? ?

I went to two labor market sessions recently (one in December and one last week) and both stated that Health Information Technology is in high demand! If you want a job that is in demand and good guarantee I would choose that. However, you really should consider what would make you happiest. Paralegal is a great job too! There are a lot of jobs out there for paralegals. Ultimately it is what will make you happy.

Personally I would go with the Health IT!

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