National Bible Week on November, 2024: Who's going to the National Bible Bee next week in Washington, D.C.?

National Bible Week 2024. National Bible Week coming The 2008 National Bible Week

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Who’s going to the National Bible Bee next week in Washington, D.C.?

i never hear of it but i pray for you do great



....its the end of times just because some celebrities died? i highly doubt it, people die everyday, but once a famous person kicks the bucket we all go crazy. you people need to stop thinking about all these celebrity deaths and start also thinking about how millions of people lose other people everyday. just because a couple celebs died doesn't mean you all should freak out...really, its pretty ridiculous.

When is national brotherhood week?

When is national brotherhood week?

Message on National Brotherhood Week

February 10, 1982

During Brotherhood Week we are especially reminded of the need for a national commitment to brotherhood and to the elimination of all forms of prejudice and discrimination in American society.

Surely one of this nation's greatest resources is the diversity of a people whose ancestry can be traced to an extraordinary variety of national origins and cultures. Though we differ in many respects, we share a love of this country and the freedom for which it stands. Even more fundamentally, as the Bible teaches, ``Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us?''

Throughout the year, let us join together as brothers in the family of man and reach across the religious and racial boundaries which unnecessarily divide neighbor against neighbor. Through friendship and understanding, we all stand to gain. Let us work and grow together as one great nation.

Ronald Reagan


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