Dear Santa Letter Week on November, 2024: Do you still have your child's letter to Santa? What does it say?

Dear Santa Letter Week 2024. A Holiday Haven: Free Printable "Dear Santa" Letter Santa letter writing week!

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Do you still have your child’s letter to Santa? What does it say?

My 4 year old wrote a santa letter a week or so ago and before we sent it to santa I copied it.

It said:

Hi this is Neveah and I have been really good this year. I always help mommy and daddy with my sisters and new baby brother. I would like one of your reindeer for Christmas if that's okay. Maybe a new dance tutu that is pink and orange and some new dance shoes.

Merry Christmas


She wrote it all and I helped her spell everything. My husband and I took the kids to see santa and Neveah told him that she wanted a reindeer and he asked her which ones and she said to him I can have more then one?

Have a great holiday

Is this a Good love letter?

Is this a Good love letter?

wow... may I just say, This letter is Truly Beautiful. I can tell she means the world to you, I don't know what you did or what exactly happened. But I'd send her this love letter because it is more then just good, it is amazing. Good luck, I hope she reads it and takes it to heart.

dear santa can i have?

dear santa can i have?

Can't see what I'm writing through the tears!! Will think of that later and still laugh-nice one.

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