Geography Awareness Week on November, 2023: Where is everybody!?

Geography Awareness Week 2023.

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Where is everybody!?

it my lunch time at work. its cold outside so im staying indoors. birmingham (england)

Can someone please tell me the synastry between me (Cancer girl) & my aqua?

Can someone please tell me the synastry between me (Cancer girl) & my aqua?

7/19/12! Need angles of each planet when calculate aspects of yours at his.

7/19/12 EDIT 1: Arigato (Thank you) behalf of birth data. Now have all data I need, I consult delineator book tomorrow or next day, tell you results this weekend.

7/20/12 EDIT 2: Astrology not compel, just help observe personality and tendencies should overcome. Awareness of problem first step of solve it. Hard work can accomplish all realistic goals. Synastry not use Sun signs at professional books. My lover study Astrology at good school. He have several books he use; Delineators tell meanings of planets' positions, aspects, etc.,; Tables of Houses set up chart; Ephemerides tell positions of all planets at 20th Century; Geography books show latitudes and longitudes of all places.

Venus is ancient Roman goddess of love thus aspects of Venus most important at Synastry. Your Venus Square (82-98 degrees) his Mars encourage positive and harmonious relationship. Your Venus Trine (112-128 degrees) his Uranus encourage dynamic but erratic attraction. Aspect of man's Mars and woman's Venus is important. His Venus make no aspects (relevant angles) at your Mars and Uranus. Maybe you feel most attraction at him.

5th, 7th and 8th Houses relevant at love. sex, relationships. Both you and he have Moon at 5th House, mean both of you eager start family, make excellent parents, have instinct build firm relationship at children, gently and easily guide them until they are adults. 5th House is House of sexual love make both of you quite responsive lovers, both enjoy pleasing one another, is good position.

You have Jupiter at 7th House, make you fickle, want cheat. Must use rational thinking overcome this flaw, not allow harmful emotions control you. Analyze yourself thoroughly before have impulsive love affairs. Your lover should have same intelligence level like you.

He have Saturn at 5th House, make him creative, very serious about love, needs relationships. Maybe cautious and take time make deep commitment, perhaps is father's influence.

He have Venus at 7th House and Saturn at 5th House have some conflicts, Venus here make him need lover badly thus he rush impulsively into relationship before thinking of it. At relationship maybe copy personality of lover. Should become friends and work at communication and establish common goals besides have good sex life.

He have Sun at 8th House maybe make him spend excessive time at introspection, not see lover.

He also have Mercury at 8th House, it often give inventive and strong sex drive and fantasy. Is tendency contemplate mysteries of life and lose touch of reality however.

Your Venus at Leo, make you loyal and faithful at lover, make you over-dramatize life too. Must restrain that. Sun at Cancer and Venus at Leo make you moody and domineering, must restrain these tendencies. Can be warm and caring person, faithful and enthusiastic lover, if can overcome moodiness and bossiness.

He have Venus at Capricorn, cause conflict of love and ambitions, maybe difficult express feelings and needs at love affairs. Sun at Aquarius and Venus at Capricorn maybe inhibit deep emotional relationships, repress romantic impulses, maybe appear cold and aloof.

eligiblity for incom tax officer?

eligiblity for incom tax officer?

Exam for income tax officer conducts every year by SSC(staff selection commission)


*graduation in any stream from recognized institute or university/equivalent in india.

*age limit-18-27yrs mm 1st july in exam year.

Physical standard-



Physical test

*walking-1600meter in 15 min.

*cycling-8km in 30min.

Application forms-

1st week of february 2011,at official site of

Deadline-2nd march 2011

Selection procedure-

*written exam of objective type questions.

*PI(personal interview)after written qualification.


*general intelligence-ability of reasoning,how you can analyse the problem.

*general english

*arithmatic ability

*general awareness

*history,geography,economics,general policy, scientific research etc.

All the best

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