Church Separation Week on November, 2024: Is the governments recognition and use of a seven day week a violation of Separation of Church &

Church Separation Week 2024. President's Post: Welcome to DVAU Separation of Church & State

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Is the governments recognition and use of a seven day week a violation of Separation of Church &

let me see if i understand what you are saying, just so we can do away with the history of behind the seven day week you want to make each month have more days, make it so no one gets a day off from school or work instead they work every day of every week, until they take a vacation. hmmm interesting, how would we handle leap year? what would we do about all the people who began going insane from all work and no play? should the people who believe in that "creationist nonsense" not be able to worship because they may miss work. of course this would put my cousins husband out of a job because the cleaning business he owns primarily cleans wharehouses on the weekends when no one is around, because they are off. so him and his 100 employees would be out of jobs. not to mention that the business i work in would take a huge hit since saturdays are the busiest days in the car biz, mainly because everyone is off work. so just because you have an issue with people who believe in god you want to change the lives of every one in the country. hmm seems pretty self absorbed. And also why do so many people have an issue with the term in god we trust? muslim, allah translates to english God, yaweh in hebrew translates to english God, if you are an athiest, then to an extent you believe you are god. meaning you are the sole person in control of your destiny not in some megalomaniac kind of way. plus it is a piece of the history of our country. but of course we should throw that all out so that no one is offended.

on a side note it actually takes the earth 23 hours 56 minutes to turn once on its axis, and the earth takes 355 days 23 hours and some minutes to rotate the earth. these are the reasons for days and years. the moon takes more than 30 days to rotate the earth. it is a little closer to 40 days, this is why if you go back hundreds of years you will find 9 months to a year. then the world was got Octavius ceaser, and we got october, becase he felt a month shoudl be named after him, then julius ceaser and augustus ceaser named months after themselves and we got july and august. then the mathematicians got smart and organized the 12 month calender in a way that made sense and allowed for the lost time every day and year and came up with leap year.

Helping baby adjust to church nursery?

Helping baby adjust to church nursery?

I volunteered in our church nursery for many years and dealt with this a lot. It's helpful for you to sit in the nursery with him for a couple weeks, then gradually start sneaking out. Tell the workers any tips you know of that normally gets him quiet. Bubbles usually worked with the screamers at my church. Just tell the workers to try and distract him as much as possible and keep him away from doors and windows where he can see other parents.

Why are atheists so selective about separation of church and state?

Why are atheists so selective about separation of church and state?

You have asked this before and you have been answered.

Christmas is December 25, it is one day. My son gets 2 weeks off for his winter break, not just December 25. So how can you claim he is out of school just for Christmas?!

My son's spring break is always the last few days of March and the first few days of Easter. Are you even aware that Easter moves around?

What do pine trees, mistletoe, colored eggs, bunnies, etc., have to do with Jesus? These traditions are OLDER than Christianity, and most intelligent, honest people know that and admit it.

As for your nonsense about "Happy Holidays", are you unaware that there are, in fact, more holidays than just Christmas happening from December through early January?

Why are so many Christians so self-centered that they cannot accept that the holiday season does not revolve around them? Why do they have such a hard time sharing with others?

I celebrate the "holiday" of the Solstice. It's the reason for the season.

~Agnostic atheist

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