World Communication Week on November, 2024: Can you "Imagine the World without Media, Internet & MobileCell Phones"?

World Communication Week 2024. November 1-7th is World Communication Week World Communication Week

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Can you "Imagine the World without Media, Internet & Mobile/Cell Phones"?

In a world without computers you would miss them from the first second in the morning until the last minute of your day.

The first thing is the company. Today these guys use the computer to do everything inside the company. They use the computer to communicate with the exterior and with the people inside the company, they use the computer to calculate their profits and to make plans for the future, they also calculate all the costs they will have today, tomorrow, next week and so on, and they also use the computer to store all this information. how could they live without the computer?

They would have to do it all manually like the did in the past, plus they would have to make sure they would not make a single mistake because it could mean serious trouble if you changed one number for another value in the money, a serious mistake could even send you to jail. Now is that good for a company? Of course not.

The hospital would take another big hit. Probably the biggest hit of all. The hospital would miss all it's most important features like advanced machinery to diagnose the patients, it would also miss a lot of other features like digital hospital management to control the flow of the patients, to control the flow of the money, to control the temperature and to control almost everything.

Even people at home would miss the computer a lot. Today teens use the computer for all their communications and the computer must be always present in their lives, else they are in great trouble. The more you use the computer the more your life depends on it.

If tomorrow the computer ceased to exist I am sure a lot of people would not be able to restart their lives once again.

History has shown that technological changes - the wheel, the printing press, the telephone - can revolutioniseVerb 1. revolutionise - fill with revolutionary ideas

revolutionize, inspire

indoctrinate - teach doctrines to; teach uncritically; "The Moonies indoctrinate their disciples"


The way people live. So too has telecommunications changed every aspect of our lives.

"Imagine a world where most people don't use fax machines because they are too expensive and too slow. Imagine a world without mobile phones, pocket calculators(computer) pocket calculator - A small battery-powered digital electronic device for performing simple arithmetic operations on data input on a keypad and outputting the result (usually a single number) to a simple LCD or other display.

microprocessors or personal computers. Imagine a world without email - a world where only four computers are hooked up to the Internet and the World Wide Web doesn't exist. Imagine a world without Microsoft. Hard to imagine, isn't it?"

But that's how the world was back in 1970, the year before TELECOM, now the world's biggest telecom event, was staged for the first time. The above words come from the welcome brochure of TELECOM 99 + INTERACTIVE 99 exhibition and forum, the most significant ever gathering of the world's telecommunications community.

Advances in technology have been nothing short of dramatic since that first TELECOM gathering in Geneva Geneva, canton and city, Switzerland

Geneva (jənē`və), Fr. Genève, canton (1990 pop. 373,019), 109 sq mi (282 sq km), SW Switzerland, surrounding the southwest tip of the Lake of Geneva. . That year alone Microsoft was founded, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation, Armonk, NY, The world's largest computer company. IBM's product lines include the S/390 mainframes (zSeries), AS/400 midrange business systems (iSeries), RS/6000 workstations and servers (pSeries), Intel-based servers (xSeries) invented the floppy disk and Ted Hoff invented the processor. Since then the speed of change has been electrifying e·lec·tri·fy

tr.v. e·lec·tri·fied, e·lec·tri·fy·ing, e·lec·tri·fies

1. To produce electric charge on or in (a conductor).


a. ; the very nature of how we communicate has changed.

Cellular phones and the internet are revolutionising the way we communicate. Who could have predicted that more than 200 million people would now own mobile phones, that there are close to 50 million Internet hosts and over one million web sites.

As this century comes to a close, telecommunications will continue to change our lives. Third generation mobile systems due out in 2001 will no longer be called mobile phones but personal communicatorsA concept for a handheld device that was co-created by Toronto engineer Robert J. Fraser in 1991, who also coined the term. The personal communicator was conceived to provide always-on, wireless connectivity to a nationwide, packet-switched communications network that would enable mobile

How has developments in communication helped world trade?

How has developments in communication helped world trade?

Markets move in near-real time.

Investments can be made with current information rather than several days or weeks' lag.

Global trade has become easier and more democratic.

Communications development has decreased the dependency on just one language; now any language can be used to do business.

World Studies?

World Studies?

Well i'll lead the way for you, ok.

Communication, TV, radio, internet, they all contributed to the globalization and made the world like a small village. Now, you can communicate with anyone in any place on earth.

Transportation decreased the time, in past to travel from a country to another it would take many days even weeks of travelling, but today couple of hours and person can reach the point he want, thus golablization that seeks for trading is now free to trade the items in much less time.

Globalization main basic is to trade items between esp. industrialized one especially that most of the third world countries don't have the power to do so...

* Communication and environment cant be related directly, though it could be a medium for covering the news of nature, it can be a white source of environmental news or black one!

transportation nowadays impacted environment a lot, and a huge amount of the pollution is from cars, fuel usage, CO2, planes....


Also on this date Friday, November 1, 2024...