Pursuit of Happiness Week on November, 2023: The pursuit of happiness.?

Pursuit of Happiness Week 2023.

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The pursuit of happiness...?

Yes it is great to be in love... but it isn't what makes one happy in the long term. Happiness comes from within. When your happy in yourself you are more attractive to other people. Don't worry too much about not having someone right now - you will, and it will happen perhaps when you least expect it. You can put yourself in situations to meet new people, or perhaps get your friends to set you up with or recommend someone? Don't put too much on being happy once in a relationship. Goodluck.

why has are own goverment allowed buisness to betray the us people in having the pursuit for

why has are own goverment allowed buisness to betray the us people in having the pursuit for happiness ?

You are promised the Pursuit of Happiness....Not promised Happiness.

To pursue, one must push the Red OFF Button on the clicker, rise from the divan, and move about to try to catch it.

Happiness does not just come to you. You have to go look for it, hence the word PURSUIT. If $200/week in government handouts is not bringing you Happiness, I guarantee you that $300/week will not either.

I do know, from personal experience, that putting in the effort, figuring out something I like to do, start at the bottom and work toward that goal and achieving it, has made me Happy and a lot more than $300/week.

No one held me back from Pursuing Happiness and no one is holding any ONE of the Millions and Millions of unhappy, handout taking, couch sitting, clicker-clickers from trying to Purse Happiness, back either.



Well I've watched the Pursuit of Happyness (yes, with a 'y').

Strange how you say that is not what you're looking for. How many books/movies have the same exact name?

Also on this date Wednesday, November 1, 2023...