Halloween Safety Month on October, 2024: Can I go to Halloween Horror nights 6 months prego?!?

October, 2024 is Halloween Safety Month 2024. Halloween Safety Tips for Kids - John Seidel, Florida Realtor ... Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

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Can I go to Halloween Horror nights 6 months prego?!?

this is a question for your DOCTOR.

at 6 months pregnant it may not be a good idea to have numerous adrenaline rushes that typically come with haunted houses.

my sister talked to her dr at 3 months to ask if she could go to a local haunted attraction that had 5 different haunted houses and she did say it was ok but again she was only 3 months pregnant at the time not 6. and i do recall that by 6 months when ever she did get an adrenaline rush cuz she was excited or anxious my niece would "flip out" so you really should discuss it with your doctor.

if they don't advise it then just suck it up and don't go. missing it one year is not gonna kill you but not missing it could have an effect on the baby.

Homemade Halloween costume help for my 18 month old?

Homemade Halloween costume help for my 18 month old?

When I was first starting out and didn't have much money, what I did was put my son in his blanket sleeper. Preferably a brightly colored one. I made about 1/2 dozen toilet paper flowers like they make for High School Proms and such not....and I safety pinned them down the front of his sleeper. I got an inexpensive orange wig and then white painted his face and colored his lips red. PRESTO!!! Instant clown. When he came home from Trick or Treats...I scrubbed his face...took off the flowers and he was basically ready for bed.

Whats the best costume you ever had for halloween?

Whats the best costume you ever had for halloween?

"bun in the oven". I was 7 months pregnant and made a wearable oven out of a cardboard box that fitted over my belly. My husband painted my belly to look like a big cinnamon roll. I took first prize at a halloween party costume contest. He dressed up as a chef;)

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