Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month on October, 2023: LGBT: Interracial dating

October, 2023 is Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month 2023. SERC Library: October is Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month During the month of October join in the Celebrating the Bilingual Child

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LGBT: Interracial dating

Ethnicity does play a large role in interracial relationships, but when either family sees how much a couple loves one another, they usually learn to accept it. For example, I myself and mexican and black; now as an adult I am married to a swedish man and he's as pale as they come.

Sure we have conflicts about the children learning our cultural languages...I believe the children need to speak spanish and he wants to teach them swedish. Our oldest is 15 and me and her speak spanish and our second child is only 7 months and she responds well to spanish too. Of course, my mother-in-law can't understand why we don't teach the kids swedish (even though we have tried but it is too difficult) but she loves me and the kids. In fact both our parents accepted us being together right at the beginning because they saw how much we love each. However, there are no interracial marriages in his family, my husband was the first to break that barrier and in the beginning they wanted to know how he did it and whats it like. On the other hand in my family it is common for mexican & black, black & indian, black & irish..etc. My family just stated, "do you know how hard it is going to be, be prepared for looks & stares, be prepared for the cruel people...just remember it is not about what others think, not even your friends or family; its about how much you two love each other. So cling to each other and be strong for one another because the world won't always be this way, one day it will be color blind."

In the end; we celebrate his culture and mine. We celebrate Christmas & St. Lucia; We celebrate Name Day, Cinco De Mayo, July 4th, and black history month. Holidays we cook cultural meals. I still try to speak his language (i tear it up) and he tries to speak mine and mutilates it; but in the end we appreciate each other for who we are; after all our differences and similarities brought us together. Plus, we have beautiful children. So hang in there and remember its about the emotions you two have for one another; not about your friends or your family. They will learn to accept it because they love you.

It will all work out. Find solace in one another and joy in each others eyes and you two will have the world.

What are your thoughts of this letter to MEXICO?

What are your thoughts of this letter to MEXICO?

The writer of this "letter" I am sure expects a response only it seems as if the writer forgot to ask that the response be written in English only. Since the writer is planning on skipping visas, passports and stuff I guess no matter how life gets there s/he plans on never coming back.

01. "Free medical care" beyond emergency medical treatment is not available to all the U.S. public what makes the writer think that a nation would plan, develop and pay for him/her's and his/her families medical needs when they do little for their own citizens?

02. I am sure that Mexico provides translators/translations for those that do not speak their language and it is probably available whether the writer and his/her's family need it at all. The writer would not be the only American illegally present in Mexico and those that are there legally do get language assistance when or as needed.

03. There are some forms printed in English on a regular bases and need. Does the writer require a person to read it to him/her too?

04. I would think that if I wanted "my children to be taught Spanish" that a natural Spanish speaking teacher would fair better than bilingual teachers.

05. Because they teach nothing but Mexico history in the schools of the United States so the writer needs Mexico to teach his/her children United States history.

06. There are American flags flying within Mexico, this is a chance to try and turn finding them into a knitting of the family event.

07. The writer have gotten to used to what is offered by the Government in the United States for free. In Mexico it is expected that the family will be feed before coming into school. Unlike the United States school is a place of education not a picnic field trip.

08. Why even ask for a diver license when the writer is already driving and doesd not plan on following Mexico's road laws anyways.

09. Because there is absolutely not a single illegal present in the United States that obtained car insurance nor learned the local traffic laws.

10.Ask Mexico's Government to tattoo the writer and his/her families forehead with the following, "No habla Espanol" then the Federal Police will know just what to do in case the writer is ever stopped and questioned.

11. The writer can celebrate complaint free provided the same courtesy is given in the United States to the people from Mexico.

12. The writer should be allowed to obtain work just as illegals in the United States have to do, making the requested "nice job without taxes" as realistic as it is here.

13.The people will be as nice and friendly to the writer and his/her family as the Government and people of Arizona are to its illegal residents.

"Thank you, I am sure this can be accomplished easily as America has been doing this for many years!"

That is the boldest two faced statement I have read about how America and some of her citizens treats its illegal population. Babies born as U.S. citizens are about to be denied by Arizona and are shown acceptance by some of the nation's citizens by the term anchor babies.

The writer of this "letter" seems lazy enough to mail in his/her bank robbery note along with his home address in which to send his/her takings, the letter posted here is basic in saying here I come have everything ready when I get there attitude.

Also on this date Sunday, October 1, 2023...