Church Library Month on October, 2023: What is something positive the church has done in recent times?

October, 2023 is Church Library Month 2023. Church Library Month Custom Challenge Coins Church Library Month Custom

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What is something positive the church has done in recent times?

I was diagnosed with depression a few months ago. I had never gone to church, never prayed, nothing like that. Then, my brother and sister-in-law invited me to go with them, and I agreed as I had nothing better to do. By the end of the service, I was crying and happy and feeling better than I have in a long time, and every day since I have felt lighter than air. It was an amazing experience.

And I have no desire to listen to the babblings of those of you who do not believe. None of us know what it true and what isn't, so please don't try to make me believe the ridiculous idea that YOU know what happens after death. Thank you :)

Questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

Questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

I would recommend that you visit the official LDS site at for a lot of information.

1) Sacrament is the first block of the 3 hour service. This is where announcements are made, sacrament is passed, and is a lot like a regular church service except we don't pass around a collection plate. All children participate in this, they do not go to a nursery. The 2nd block of time is Sunday school. The children ages 18 months to 18 years old go to Sunday school, Young Women, Young Men, Primary, etc. The adults either go to their own Sunday school where they discuss and study the scriptures (New Testament, Old Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants that are rotated every year.) Some adults have "callings" where they go teach the children or young adults in those other previously mentioned classes. The 3rd block of time the children and young adults are still in their respective classes, but the adults split up. The men go to Priesthood and the women to Relief Society. They are taught the same lesson, but let's face it... women will have a different view than the men and it's an opportunity to discuss these lessons with each other and bond. Of course, not all adults get to go to either one of these, because nursery workers, Sunday school teachers, primary directors, young women and men all have their own respective teachers.

2) They symbol that members look to is Jesus Christ. President Hinckley said: “ ‘I do not wish to give offense to any of my Christian colleagues who use the cross on the steeples of their cathedrals and at the altars of their chapels, who wear it on their vestments, and imprint it on their books and other literature. But for us, the cross is the symbol of the dying Christ, while our message is a declaration of the Living Christ.’

3) We believe in the Word of Wisdom, which is to refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee or tea, using tobacco or harmful drugs. Divorce happens, and euthanasia and suicide is murder. You really could go to and either do a search for a category, or go to Gospel Library, Gospel Topics.

4) marriage... same rituals, except we believe that a temple marriage is for time and all eternity and not 'till death do us part.

5) at death there is a funeral, which I will add is about the passed individual, not pomp and circumstance. I was so disappointed at my grandmothers funeral, at another church, nothing but her obituary was about her.

Another thing I think is important to note is that we still believe in observing the Sabbath day… to the point that we won’t go shopping on a Sunday, either. We believe that if it is wrong to work on the Sabbath day for ourselves, then we shouldn’t force other people to do it by patronizing their services on that day. Just as I wouldn’t have someone steal for me since I can’t steal.

Another note is that there are no paid clergy, it is a lay church. Hence the reason for callings. We are frequently released and called to new callings. Even the Bishop has his own job to support his family and will one day not be Bishop.

I would be happy to help in a further way to help you with getting correct information. I hope I have been of some help.

I love the restored Gospel and am happy to share it will you.

how do i find the right church and join it?

how do i find the right church and join it?

Money should never ever be an issue. If you feel that a church looks down on you, either you're over sensitive or they have a real problem. In a good congregation nobody is an outcast. I'm also a student with very little money but I feel more than welcome in my church, and even sing in the choir and help with creche.

If you went to church as a kid then start with a church of that denomination. Otherwise just start with your nearest one. A library or information centre will have a list of churches and sevice times and many have their own websites.

Starting to go is easy, you just need to pluck up the courage to walk in to a church on the Sunday morning. There's no preparation involved, you don't need any contacts there. You should recieve a warm welcome, as churches are always trying to bring more people in. Hang around after the service, most churches do refreshments and you'll have a chance to introduce yourself to the minister and members of the congregation and get a feel for the place. You'll probably find that not everybody is rich, and everybody will want to be friends with you.

Go to each church in the area for a couple of weeks, as one visit won't always be enough for an accurate impression, then make a decision as to which one you prefer.

If you don't have one which is nearer than the others, baptist and methodist churches tend to be friendly (this is coming from the U.K so bear in mind if you're not in Britain the denominations may be different), so they would be good to start with.

Do go for it, it will be the best thing you ever do.

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