Right Brainers Rule Month on October, 2021: Baby feeding questions, if your not really supposed to bother with pureed food anymore

October, 2021 is Right Brainers Rule Month 2021. Right Brainers Rule! Month Right Brainers Rule! Month

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Baby feeding questions, if your not really supposed to bother with pureed food anymore

You just need to make sure the foods in the 7 month jars are appropriate for 6 months of age - meaning, in the US they recommend not giving meats until 7-8 months, so if a 7 month jar was meat, or a complicated mixed flavor, it might not be appropriate for your baby yet. But if its just chunky squash or peas or something like that, then of course it is, as long as your baby will accept it. I gave me dd stage 2 single-flavor foods more or less right away and she was ok with her. Easy ones to do yourself are ripe banana or avocado - just mash them with a fork and fee them to her - because you are using a fork it comes out chunkier. My dd was fine with that, but I know some babies aren't - I see other people are also warning you that some babies jsut aren't ready for lumps. Personallly I think there is nothing wrong with starting with purees as long as you don't stick with them forever - my dd got mostly purees, some chunks of stuff but not with all foods. And now she gets finger foods some of the time, and has no problems with that at 8 months.. I also think the pureed food helps them digest more of the solids, which they aren't used to doing - this is probably TMI, but when I give her chunks of cooked carrot for a meal, there are chunks of cooked carrot in her diaper.....

my girlfriend would like to to go to a nude beach should we go?

my girlfriend would like to to go to a nude beach should we go?

For most guys, this would be a no-brainer (mostly because the brain is not involved in the decision).

Seriously . . .

Sure, IF it is a LEGAL clothing-optional beach. Legal means signs are posted saying it's OK to be nude, there are patrols to assure the safety of everyone, perhaps lifeguards on duty. But NOT if it's a sleazy place or where it's illegal to be nude in public.

IF you are minors, your parents MUST say OK, too.

Nude beaches are very healthy (probably more mental than physical). They teach you to tolerate diversity (on a busy beach, you'll see every body type, and more of the ones you don't want to see). Usually, people talk about meaningful stuff instead of just frivolous junk. And more...

Obey the rules when you go. Nude is not lewd. But lewd is lewd.

SPL rules on declaring player contracts? Rangers EBT?

SPL rules on declaring player contracts? Rangers EBT?

Shifting your millions around in foreign bank accounts to avoid tax is done by everyone who has a substantial amount of cash to do it with. If you don't the taxman will eventually bleed you dry. This is why most UK celebrities eventually move abroad, rather that than pay the greedy taxman. According to politicians these kinds of practices are immoral but that lot don't have a leg to stand on when talking about morals.

My theory is that Rangers are being unfairly singled out. I've believed this story has had a political undercurrent to it from day one. Whoever said "Everything is political" knew what he was on about. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to see it because it has nothing to do with football. It's Camerons attempt to show the people of Scotland we can't run our most successful football team never mind our own country. Notice this kicked off when Salmond started bumping his gums about independence again? Also notice Cameron has complete deniability and knows fine well the type of person who supports Rangers likely would not vote for independence anyway so they can be squeezed without being alienated. I've said from day one, there is no way Rangers are alone in this. Anybody with significant money will seek a route to avoid the taxman. It's done every day. I lose a weeks wage to the taxman every month, if I could find a way around it....it's a no brainer.

Also on this date October 1, 2021...