Family Stories Month on November, 2024: short story?

November, 2024 is Family Stories Month 2024. Family Stories Month Family Stories

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short story?

You can write a short story about this : in a family, the dad is inherit his dad company then he always working and not care much for his family anymore, but finnaly he understand that the family is more importance than a job. Here is the very good example. When you read this story and you have a lot of idea for your short please choose this as the best answer. Thank you. Here is the story:

My name is Mike, I am 40 years old and I have a good family. I’m working at my dad’s company and a manager of the software session. I have a wife and one child’s, my wife is a teacher, she work at sergeant bluff Luton high school and her name is Ana. Bob, my son is thirteen years old, he is in seventh grade and he going to sergeant bluff Luton middle school. I try to do my best to make money because I want my family have a good life, so after I get the job at my dad’s company I work very hard. When I think my family is going to get better, I don’t feel any more tired. When my dad turns to 70, he doesn’t want to work anymore so he wants me to inherit his company.

After I inherit my dad’s company, I work really hard do help my company become the best. I always come home very late, and never eat a meal with my family. At this time, I don’t want to think of anything, I just want to do my best at the company and I feel me and my family is not happy like a long time ago. At home, I feel something strange, my wife so sad and my son doesn’t want to talk with me anymore, but I know it’s not my fault, I just want to do the best to make my family happy. One time, I work at my company for a month and not come home, I keep working, working and almost forget everything. Usually, I take my family go somewhere in the weekend for entertainments. Now, I just leave them home and don’t care much about that. I always hang out with my guests to talk about how to improve our company. I often go home very late, I feel so tired, my son want me to take him go somewhere for fun, I yelled at him, “Go away, I am so tired now”. He cries and get out my room. I don’t understand why I yell at him like that, I just too tired and I don’t want to talk to anyone. I usually wake up very late at weekend, but I still do my work all day at home and I never talk to my family. My head always think about how to make the company become the best and ignore everything. While working in my room, my wife call up to me, “Mike, it’s time for lunch.”

I yell at her, “Don’t you see I am so busy now, why don’t you bring me the food here and let me alone.”

One night, I talk with my wife, “Do you think a boss of a big company live in a small house like this? Don’t you feel bad or anything? We will move to a new house in next week. I visited it yesterday already, it’s was a beautiful house. You should ready to prepare everything to move to the new house.”

“You changed, Mike. Why don’t you ask me anything before you decide to buy that house, I don’t need a bigger house; what I need is a good family, a good husband, and a good son.”

I yelled, “Would you please stop?”

My wife doesn’t say anything and goes to the kitchen. I don’t understand why she did that, I just want the best for my family, how she can act like that. Today is Christmas I will buy something to make my family happy, but I don’t know what to buy. I ask my secretary to give me an advice.

She say, “Your family don’t want any gifts from you, the thing they want is your appear. They just want to have fun with you in the Christmas time.”

I answer angrily, “Why you said the same with my wife, that’s bored me so much. I don’t need your advice any more. Please get out my room now.”

I really don’t want to care about what she said, but I want to know what my family thinks about that. After work, I hurry go to the store to buy some presents for my wife and my son. It’s the Christmas time a crowned people waiting at the store to buy stuffs. I don’t have any more time because it’s only one hour left then it will be twelve o’clock. But still more people in front of me, during this time I remember about what my secretary’s advice, maybe she was right. I put all of the stuffs back and run home. When I see my family was sitting in the living room waiting for me. I cry, “It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t spend so much time at work; I need to spend time with my family. I’m so sorry about that.”

My son gives me a hug and tells me, “You know what, you always want to give me everything I want, but you don’t know what I really want. All I want is our family stay together and has fun like a long time ago.”

My wife cries, “I am so glad that you realize your fault and you know how much we love you.”

I give my wife and my son a big hug, “I love you. And I am sorry about what I have done in the past.”

In conclusion, that Christmas, we have a special time; we sing the song together all night. Now, I work less at the company and spend more time with my family. I feel very happy and I think my family is having a same thinking as me. Finally, I understand the importance of a family.

Funny/embarrassing sleepwalking stories?

Funny/embarrassing sleepwalking stories?

Okay first off, just so you don't get confused when you read my stories, my house has three bedrooms, two downstairs where my brother and I sleep, and one upstairs where my parents sleep. Now for my stories.

A few months ago I had this really weird dream where my brother (who was 14 at the time) asked me to come into his room and sleep on the small couch while he slept in his bed (Don't worry, there wasn't any sexual meaning in that. When we were little we would sleep in each others rooms all the time if we ever got lonely or something so I guess that's where the dream came from). So in real life I got down from my loft bed, walked to his room, stood over him while he was sleeping, and screamed, "Where is it?!" when he woke up a few seconds later. He then yelled at me to go back to my room. However, in my dream all I remember walking to his room, POLITELY asking where his couch was that he wanted me to sleep on, and then getting yelled at for no good reason. But the next day he came in and asked me why I was in his room in the middle of the night and then told me, "Try to imagine waking up in the middle of the night with someone standing over you and yelling at you." This story still cracks me up whenever I think about it.

Now for my next story. I don't remember any of this but my mom told me about it the next day. PS- Cosmo is the name of our cat.

One night last year I went up to my parents' room in the middle of the night and went to my mom, who was sleeping, and asked, "Mom, does Cosmo sleep in your pillow?" She thought I was asking if he was up in the bed with her and my dad and said," No, Cosmo's not up here." Well then I said in an apparently irritated voice," No Mom. I mean does Cosmo live in your pillow?" She then understood what I was saying and said,"Honey, why don't you go back to bed?" I then turned straight around, went downstairs, and got back into bed.

Now for my last sleepwalking story.

One night last year my brother (the same one that I yelled at in my sleep) went upstairs to my mom in the middle of the night and said, "Mom, do you have any ice cream cake?" My mom then said, "honey, why don't go back to bed?" So, just like me, he turned straight around, went downstairs, and got back into bed.

Well those are all of the sleepwalking stories that I can think of for now. Just my two cents.

host family???

host family???

I went on exchange to Japan when I was in grade 11, (17ish i think), and I would really like to say that it was great, but I had a terrible time. My host family was terrible, they made me feel like a burden and the lack of communication made everyone grouchy. I spent 6 months there compeletly depressed, but I was determined to stick it out. My dad came and met me at the end of my stay and we travelled around Japan for the last couple weeks of my stay, and this made it completly worth it.

I don't want that to discourage you though. My suggestions are to first figure out if your school will give you any highschool credits while you are there. If no - like myself - I would say avoid a school study abroad program. If yes then you need to decide if its worth it to go to school while you are there. And the reason I say this is because I realized after that with the money I spent to go, and to not get any credit in the end, I would have rathered spend the money and go there as a trip and spend my time freely, not being in a foreign school.

my other suggestion is to really figure out what you are looking to do. are you wanting to learn the language and culture? go to school with their students? do you want to get away for a few months - even a year? or are you just looking for a short term experience?

my friend went on a 6 week exchange to Japan and loved it. They moved her around to thrree different host families so she avoided being uncomfortable, and experienced different lives. and that time length was good for her. I personally wanted to go longer though.

Don't let my host family story scare you though, I met some great families there whom I would have loved to live with. I just lucked out. I also don't want to discourage you from wanting to go, but just consider what it is you are looking for, it may be exactly what you want. It was what I wanted too. but from retrospect, I wish I had done it differently.

I could talk about this forever, sorry. hope that gave you some insight. good luck with the planning. ( oh and there should be lots of programs online that you can research that will help you get there - and don't forget, in most case you will have to host a Japanese student as well. but not always)

check this out:

I went with JFIE (from Canada)

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