Moustache Month on November, 2024: Difficulty growing mustache?!?!?!?

November, 2024 is Moustache Month 2024. November is Moustache Month: 'Grow a Moustache' Ads Raises ... November is Moustache Month:

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Difficulty growing mustache?!?!?!?

it takes me a month to even grow a visible moustache and I'm 18, just wait it out

Mustache shirts? Movember? ;]?

Mustache shirts? Movember? ;]?

Wooohoo, it's good that people are getting into the spirit.

I found these online :

my moustache ?

my moustache ?

Yes it is time to start shaving. I had to start shaving when I was 14, and had a full mustache by the time I was 16 so you are not too young.

As for shaving tips - splash your face with warm water, lather up the shaving cream on your face, then use COLD water on your razor (and make shure that razor is sharp). Most razors now have a strip on them to help lubricate your face as you shave, which is beneficial.

After shaving, there is a product by Aqua Velva called "Ice Balm" which feels nice on freshly shaved skin, and smells pretty decent too.

Also on this date Friday, November 1, 2024...