Aviation History Month on November, 2024: navy aviation ordnanceman?

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navy aviation ordnanceman..?

I went to that school..its at NAS Millington TN, its 3 months long

You learn history, corrosion control, compatibility of explosive classes, there is nothing hazardous at this course. When you start handling live or HE ( high explosive ) you will have someone watching over all your moves

Marine ocs aviation track?

Marine ocs aviation track?

EDIT: Noted Michael's post. There is no Marine Aviation recruiter. The OSO is your only point of contact for applying. Headquarters Marine Corps makes the determination based on the interview, flight physical, and ASTB results. There is one to two Marine aviators on the Board. One of my previous duty stations was HQMC, Dept of Aviation. A Major I worked with was assigned to the Board for one year to select potential officer candidates with qualifications that would lead them to flight school. That is how the process works. Michael is correct that neither NROTC or Academy is needed for to be a Marine Officer or aviator. Most come via Platoon Leaders Class-AIR(PLC).

The other gents have not helped you much with their answers. The following is based on my 27 years in the Marine Corps with over 22 as a Marine Corps officer - aviator:

1. You have met the OSO. Did she do a formal interview of you? Did you take the ASVAB (you must score above 75 - higher the better especially if you want a flight school seat). From the info in your question, it appears that you have not taken an officers physical exam yet. Did you take the ASTB (measures aviation aptitude)?

2. I am assuming that you only did the initial meet and greet. When you meet with her again, be prepared for a formal interview. Dress conservatively in a sports jacket and tie, slacks, shined shoes (no sneakers/gym shoes), hair combed. You are being interviewed for a junior executive position in a 200,000 person organization and you have lots of competition. She will likely take your photograph at the interview or afterward. Be able to pass the Marine Corps PFT with a first class score (google the words for the details). You do not have to max it at 300 to have your package submitted but higher the score the better your chances. Along that line, be able to run at least 5 miles non-stop at a good clip before going to OCS (assuming you are accepted). Much of OCS is about endurance and the ability to perform military tasks at the end of PT run and workout, one or double run of the obstacle course, followed by a 10 - 15 mile forced march with full gear. At the end of the forced march, you will have to display your leadership, judgment, initiative, and teamwork skills by solving some complex military problems. If you are exhausted by the physical activity or fall out anytime during it, you will most likely be told to pack your bags for a trip back home. Physical endurance is important. You can also purchase a copy of the Marine Corps Handbook from Amazon. It contains about 95% of the classroom material that you will be taught - memorize it. Learn how to drill before you go. The OSO can connect you with PLC candidates who are going back for their 2nd summer. If they are worth commissioning, they will teach you how to drill which is good for them as a refresher.

3. Assuming you do well on the ASTB, the OSO will schedule you for a flight physical at a Navy or Marine Corps aviation base (called Air Stations). If you pass the flight physical, your package will include your request for a flight school slot. Assuming you are commissioned after OCS, you would not go to flight school until after you complete The Basic School (about 7 months after commissioning).

4. You do not need to be an engineering to learn to fly aircraft. When I went to flight training via PLC-AIR program, I was a graduated Aero Engineer. Many of my fellow student aviators were history, accounting, business majors. French and history is not that much different and won't be an issue of the board so long as you do well on the ASTB and ASVAB. Age - OK. Great Shape - proof is in running the PFT and not breathing hard at the end. There is an ASTB review guide like there is for the ASVAB - it gives practice tests. If you have never been in an aircraft, put some dollars out for a one time flight and memorize what you see out of the aircraft's windscreen.

5. Don't need to volunteer for any extra curricular activities.

6. When you go to the formal interview, have a list of questions that you need answered to better understand what OCS is about and how you can best prepare for success at OCS. The OSO will have her questions with the most important one: Why do you want to be a Marine Corps Officer? Think this one over very carefully. Think about the words I used above - (this is a foot stomp).

Good luck

Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps-Retired (Marine aviator)

who is a good subject to write about for black history month?

who is a good subject to write about for black history month?

Bessie Coleman was a true pioneer in the field of aviation. My school had an impersonator do an assembly about her and the kids loved it.

Also on this date Friday, November 1, 2024...