Pet Diabetes Month on November, 2024: Pet insurances are they worth it.?

November, 2024 is Pet Diabetes Month 2024. pdm-logo.gif Diabetes in Cats · Diabetes in

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Pet insurances are they worth it.?

Never had pet insurance in past, but took some out for middle aged adopted dog. I thought I'd be wasting my money, but boy, did it pay! He developed diabetes within the first three months. Luckily it wasn't decreed a preexisting condition and he lived till 11. With added operations for lumps and bumps, and liver condition, yes, it was worth it. Like everything else in life, it is a gamble. If you have the self discipline to put the money saved every month I would say don't take any up. If you can't afford to pay for ongoing costly treatment, then take out insurance. By the way, direct line doesn't cover boarding fees, lost dog advertising etc. so is cheaper. Pet plan has a great reputation, but I found was unaffordable.

How do you get secondary diabetes?

How do you get secondary diabetes?

There is no such thing as "secondary diabetes" - whoever used that term probably meant Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is inherited. Type 2 diabetes can be a result of being overweight and sedentary. There is some evidence that suggests the chemical defoliant in "Agent Orange" used in the jungles of that nation during the Vietnam War is a causative agent of Type 2 diabetes. There is also some evidence that suggests that a heretofore unknown virus that attacks the human pancreas may be implicated in developing Type 2 diabetes. The exact cause of every case of diabetes can be very difficult to pinpoint, but we do know that being severely overweight and not exercising puts a person at much higher risk of developing the disease.

Yes. cats and dogs, and in fact, any creature that has a pancreas can develop diabetes. One of my wife's co-workers has to give her pet cat a shot of insulin every day 'cause the big old tomcat has diabetes.

Does my dog have diabetes?

Does my dog have diabetes?

Vets love pets with diabetes, for them it's like hearing the the sound of a cash register everytime they diagnose it. It's a food only they carry, daily shots, needles, meter, all the stuff that goes with diabetes, so plan on a few hundred bucks a month with them. And God forbid you say anything about the cost, because then your not a humane owner. You'll get the "how can you put a price on his life" while your making his Mercedes payment.

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