National Novel Writing Month on November, 2024: National Novel Writing Month?

November, 2024 is National Novel Writing Month 2024.

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National Novel Writing Month?

I think that site will give you ideas on how to brain storm. Check out the article section.

A story, whether it's a novel, short story, or screenplay, is started with some of the following:

1) Premise

This is when you ask, "What would happen if?" Anything can get you started with it. The author of "Lord of the Rings" started his when he wrote about a hole in the ground on a piece of paper. He had no clue what it meant, he simply wrote it. Then he started asking "what would happen if..." something lived in it? Then it grew into "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings". Brainstorm, read the news, and start asking what if questions to develop the premise of your story.

2) Setting

You can set your story anywhere, on Mars, in the past on Earth, in the future on a starship, anywhere. Even thinking about the setting can help you to develop the premise.

3) Multiple Characters

Almost all stories contain multiple characters to play off of the values of the others. Start thinking about characters and what they want and this will also help you to develop your story. Ask lots of "what would happen if?"

4) Inciting Incident

This is where you story begins that turns your story's world upside-down and forces your character to set it straight. Then your character will begin a quest to reach an object of desire. Thinking about an inciting incident can also be your premise: "What would happen if a shark ate someone and the partially-eaten body ends up on the beach?" Jaws.

These points should help you to get started.

A beginner’s info about National Novel Writing Month...?

A beginner's info about National Novel Writing Month...?

The official website will tell you everything you need to know, but here are basics.

The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write the rough draft of a novel. For the purposes of NaNoWriMo, a "novel" is any piece of writing that you consider novel-like and it must be at least 50,000 words. You start writing on November 1 and end by November 30. At the end of November, you can upload your writing to the NaNoWriMo site. If it is at least 50,000 words, then you succeeded. If not, oh well, at least you tried!

The goal is NOT to write a perfect novel. You are not supposed to revise or edit or rewrite anything during the month of November - just get the words on the page. After November, you can edit as much as your heart desires.

Also, it's totally free to sign up to participate, and there's no punishment if you decide not to finish.

Are you going to participate in National Novel Writing Month?

Are you going to participate in National Novel Writing Month?

Yeah, I'll do that. It may take a week or two write out the whole story and finally compete it because first I have to put the title of the Novel that I want to write. Then I have to type words and paragraphs on my Apple Laptop and print all the pages out and make them into a book and when I'm done doing that I have to take it to where they make books so that they can turn it into books! And I actaully plan on trying to type 100,000 or more words If I can, I want to write a Novel about why I want WWE to bring back WCW Nitro and Thunder and get rid of WWE for good! WWE is so overrated and stupid now, it's just all storyboard and the same thing every week you know. We don't pay $100 dollars and more a week to see the very same thing every week over and over again non-stop. On the other hand, WCW wasn't like that AT ALL!!! On World Championship Wrestling, you never knew what was going to happen or who was going to show up and it had REAL action and fun entertainment matches and big name fueds such as The NWO. So I'm going to write a November Novel about why WCW needs to come back and buy out WWE {which by the way it really does}: WWE is boring and out of date, don't you think so??

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