Picture Book Month on November, 2024: Does your child have a favorite picture book?

November, 2024 is Picture Book Month 2024. 011.png Last year Picture Book Month

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Does your child have a favorite picture book?

My daughter is 18 months old, and loves seek and find books (first link at the bottom) with jumbled up pictures of common objects/toys/animals. She likes the challenge of finding the things I ask her to, and gets excited when she discovers something new in the pictures (in that particular book, there is a tiny picture of a baby hidden on each page that is challenging to find, but makes for a fun game!).

The other book that she asks for regularly is "My Little Yellow Taxi" (second link). It has all sorts of activities in it related to the car - the first page has a cardboard gas pump handle that you remove, and a gas cap to open so you can pretend to put gas in it. The second page, you have to lift the hood of the car, and it has a dipstick that pulls out to check the oil, etc. She never tires of it!





New Moon

and Eclipse comes out aug 7

their about a girl who falls in love with a vampire, and they go through obstacles and find out that without eachother they are nothing, sorry I cant explain more but theres just to much to say. their really good, i love them.

She also was a part of Prom night from hell with meg cabot and 3 other writes. The stories where really good, they all had some type of vampirey/demons in them.


Blue is for nightmares

White is for magic

Silver is for secrets

Red is for rememberance

These are about a teenage girl who practices wicca, and her dreams tell her things. And in each book she has to help someone and save their lives(including herself). They are really good. She goes to a boarding school and has 4 (5 including her boyfriend) really close friends. Her friends are really funny, she has 2 friends who are girls, and one is....funny and out there, the other is pretty and cheerleadery(but shes not), her 2 guy friends are the same, ones different and goofy, the other is a jock and good looking. Her boyfriend is so much like her, and she loves him a lot.

She also has a book called Bleed, which is about like 5 teens and their lives.


Good Girls

About a girl whose reputation is destroyed after a picture is taken of her and a boy being....close. She makes new friends during the book and finds out that she loved that boy.


Such a pretty girl

A girls father who was in prison for child rape and molestation, gets out early. Shes 15, and tries to find a way to put him back in jail, because hes still active.




a girl wo finds out shes a fairy, falls in love with a knight, and tries to survive and overcome many problems. very good books also.

she also has the book


about a girl who runs away because of her mothers and boyfriends betrayal. She meets new friends in the streets and falls in love with a troll, whom teachers her how to fight with a sword.


the outsiders

about greasers and the socs, rumbles and running away



a girl gets raped and calls the cops at the party, and everybody hates her at her school.

Fever 1793

a girl tries to save her mom from a deathly fever


This Lullaby

a girl who never stays with a guy for more than a couple of months, gets with a musicician, which she promised herself she would never date musicians, but hes different from all the other guys.

Keeping the Moon-

a girl goes to her aunts for the summer, she used to be really fat, but she got skinny because of her mom. And she finds her inner beauty with real friends. she didnt have friends back at home, even when she turned skinny, everybody still hated her. But here she meets a great guy, and finds out stuff about herself.

The Truth About Forever-

a girl whose father died, and she or her mother, never really dealt with it, they didnt want to think about it and get depressed. she ends up working at a library and a catering business. she meets good friends, one of which is very attractive, and ends up being the friend she can tell anything to.

Someone LIke you-

a girls best friend gets pregnant, and the father was killed in a motorcycle accident, she helps her with her pregnacy.She also meets a guy who is a rebel. and she ends up getting in trouble with her parents because of him. And she ends up getting in a accident, because of him.

Just Listen-

A girl almost gets raped by her former best friends boyfriend, and everybody thinks that shes a slut. So she has no friends, but the ones at her modeling career. She meets a boy at school, who is obsessed with music, and keeps to himself.

He teaches her to not lie, and let her emotions out.


this girl meets a boy whom she is fascinated with and loves. But he ends up hurting her, and she faces with her sister running away and being abused by her boyfriend.

oh all of the girls in these books are teenagers.



3 very differnt girls become friends, and find love. and solve problems with help from one another.

Hope this helps, and that you read some, im sure there will be some you'll love. All of them are about teenagers.

Ideas for a Picture Book project?

Ideas for a Picture Book project?

Well, when searching for ideas for any kind of book, the best thing to do is to think about your audience. In this case, picture books are usually for children. Ask your self and/or group which age group you would like to write for. Then think about what kids of that age would like to read about. When is your book due? Maybe you could do a seasonal story: Christmas, New Years, or Winter.

Some helpful hints:

My baby daughter, who is 8 months, seems to like books with bright colors.

My daughter is 3 and loves stories about Fairies, princesses, dinosaurs, and snowmen right now.

My niece who is almost 4 likes pony books.

My nephew is 9 and he likes Star Wars type books.

I use to teach Pre-K and most of my kids liked books about animals and alphabet books.

My K kids loved books that showed kids like them accomplishing a goal or conquering a fear.

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