Adopt A Senior Pet Month on November, 2024: how much does it cost to adopt a cat from AWL (Australia)?

November, 2024 is Adopt A Senior Pet Month 2024. Wellness for Senior Cats - Care advice for older cats‎ Recommendations for optimum health.

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how much does it cost to adopt a cat from AWL (Australia)?

According to the AWLSA website:


Pet of the Week (Adult Only) - $75.00

Kittens (8wks - 15wks inclusive) - $160.00

Juveniles (4-5 months inclusive) -$130.00

Adult Cats (6 months to 7 years inclusive) - $95.00

Senior Cats (8 years + ) - $60.00

Looks as though prices vary slightly from branch to branch, but only by a few dollars.

Example AWL Queensland branch prices :


Under 5 months - from $150

5 months to 10 years - from $100

Pets of the Week - $70

Golden Oldies - $50

So you should be looking around $95-$100 for your age range :-)

Would you prefer adopting a puppy, young dog or a senior dog?

Would you prefer adopting a puppy, young dog or a senior dog?

You pay an adoption fee to cover the costs of the dog's care while in the care of the shelter - just to clear up the confusion. Much like when adopting a child, in which you pay thousands in adoption fees. This would NOT mean you are buying the child, you are in fact paying for the adoption process and helping to cover the costs of the prior foster family/centre. The word adoption is not species dependent.

Adopting an animal and adopting a child are very similar in a few ways. For one, you don't know the health of the dog or child in most cases. This comes with adoption. Secondly, the temperament/mental health of the dog or child is often unknown and can cause issues. Again, something that would need to be worked on. Thirdly, like most adoptions of dogs and children, they end up happy and living a great life. It is 100% up to you, to outweigh the risks and benefits.

I love puppies, I think it is such a fun stage. However, I would consider adopting any age. Something is also so special about a senior. Giving a dog a great last few years of life would be an awesome thing to do. I adopted my youngest at 4 months - she had some food allergies but since has been healthy and happy as can be.

(I think referring to an old dog as having "no use" is cruel. 95% of dog owners do so for companionship, not for working or show purposes. Every dog (like every person) has their own individual purpose, whether that be for companionship, a family pet, a running partner, working dog, or showing. Is a handicap dog (mentally or physically) simply not useful and to be discarded?)

Some of the answer on here have made me re-think the DS of Yahoo Answers. Cruel and heartless answers. Doing a good thing is doing a good thing. Adopting is by no means ever a bad thing. Why bash something that is in general a good thing? Shake my head as humanity.

Should I adopt a senior dog?

Should I adopt a senior dog?

People may not agree with me here. I feel that if you are willing to give a senior dog a happy home for the last few years of her life than go for it.

I have rescued many dogs over the last 10 years. young, old, sick, healthy, and starving. the looks the dogs give you when you feed or pet them is priceless.

I understand about vet bills being expensive. I believe if you can give the dog 1 day of happiness and be kind enough to end her suffering when the time comes than it would be worth it to the dog.

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