Unchain A Dog Month on January, 2023: how to unchain a chained dog.?

January, 2023 is Unchain A Dog Month 2023. Answer Your Cat's Question or Change a Pet's Life: January Pet ... Unchain-Your-Dog-Month-Blog

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how to unchain a chained dog.?

This is a great thing you are doing, good for you!

I'd say to just keep doing what you are doing. You've obviously made progress with him and more will come. I suggest looking up "positive reinforcement dog training methods" on the net and look up info on "housetraining older dogs". You'll get lots of useful info. If you've come this far with him I'm willing to bet you'll make out well, even with the housetraining (but don't get discouraged if it takes a while longer than you'd like)

As for your Mom...well, this is obviously a touchy subject with her. Is there anyone you can talk to other than her about it? Maybe your Grandfather? If no one will listen to what you have to say then maybe you just have to tell them how it's going to be...and that they really do know what you are doing is best for the dog, so what's the problem? Don't be accusatory or harsh, just talk and tell them how you see things and why this bothers you so much. If they really can't understand then maybe you need to ask if you can agree to disagree on this subject...but it's too important to you to let go. Is there any chance of a compromise you could make that would still allow the dog a better life? Maybe there are just certain rooms in the house he could be allowed in? Think about that one.

As for what he needs to know to be off a chain I'd say he should know the basics...come, sit, stay, down, no. I'd also teach him some really cute and lovable tricks...like "bang!" and he falls down and plays dead..."give me five!" and he slaps your hand w/ his paw..."bow!" and he puts his front legs on the ground and has his butt in the air (this is a great one to use to finish off a little "look how good my dog is" show)

Good luck with this. You will be in my thoughts. Again, I want to say what a great thing you are doing here. Don't get discouraged on the bad days (because there's always bad days no matter what you're doing), just look at how he was 6 months ago and keep smiling!

why my dog is afraid of strangers?

why my dog is afraid of strangers?

Since your dog is chained to his kennel, he's probably very territorial of his small area. A large working dog like yours should not be chained to his kennel, or he will, and clearly has, develop behavioral problems.

Another reason he is aggressive could be because he was improperly socialized when he was a pup. If you didn't introduce him to many different kinds of people when he was young, he will be either aggressive or fearful or a combination of both with strangers.

Since your dog is chained, the only way he will be able to protect you is if you're laying in his kennel with him. Unchain your dog please.

how to react to an aggressive dog?

how to react to an aggressive dog?

The dog may not have even been theirs, it may have been a stray for all you know. Pit bulls are, by nature, dog aggressive. Despite some ill-conceived attempts to argue otherwise by some incompetent people, the breed was bred to fight and cultivated and perfected to fight OTHER DOGS. A properly bred pit should, as a rule, show no aggression toward humans. That's probably why your husband didn't get his face mauled for kicking it.

You are right, your husband put himself in very real danger. If that dog had chosen to attack him he would not have stood much, if any, of a chance, despite how highly he may think of his fighting prowess. A 35 lb pit bull can mess a grown man up if it were so inclined, and the same goes for any medium to large sized dog.

For any strange dog I'd recommend just staying away. Don't risk it. People do stupid things and stupid people take their stupid, untrained dogs out and risk the safety of everybody else around them just like the owner of this dog did. I'd pop my head in there later and tell them their dog mauled yours and if you see it unchained again you'll be calling animal control immediately thankyouverymuch.

I'd report it to animal control anyway. Dog on dog aggression isn't an indicator of viciousness, but the fact that the dog was not restrained indicates a gross lack of responsibility on the owners' part.

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