Creativity Month on January, 2023: creativity block blues?

January, 2023 is Creativity Month 2023. March is Creativity Month! March is Creativity Month!

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Creativity Month

Like calling round to some friend’s house for a mug of tea and finding they’re getting a celebration or realizing it’s their birthday on Facebook and belatedly adding your very best wishes, Creativity Month invites everybody to participate in guilt-free. Released by famous business mentor and inspirational speaker Randall Munson, it seeks to help make the home and also the place of work a far more creative space for a whole month.Author of Creativity 101 and Creativity 102, Munson is a big advocate for that energy of creativeness like a pressure for progress. Actually, among other activities, he’s sure it can benefit you “blast using your barriers”. If that is not a very good reason to resurrect your senior high school poetry obsession we have no idea what's!The odds are you aren't too not even close to the creative realm anyway, you simply may not also have time for you to non-stop think about the lily or fire up your potter’s wheel. Therefore, why don't you honor Creativity Month by looking into making much more of an attempt to aid the humanities in your town or on the personal level. Visit the theatre, attend a concert or go to a gallery. Pull out playing the guitar or perhaps your watercolour easel. Letting your creativity flow will invariably help remind you of the need for thinking outdoors this area in everyday existence.

creativity block blues?

First off, I bid you the best of luck on that book =]

Okay, I would say drop the credit card...or money if you dont own one...and get out and do something thats less harmful to your finances.

If i have a creativity block. I go out and walk around my city. And since I dabble in photography, I take a few pictures here and there. The things you can see and hear can be a great inspiration to you and maybe your story.

Or maybe you can keep it simple. Music.

Now even though i wasn't born in the era, I listen to lots of 60' and 70's music its upbeat and wild and it just gets me excited...or in a clam mood depending on what im feeling.

Just take a break maybe, I think deadlines are total poo! Writing should be a passion, not a job. If you suspect that its the preassure and stress from that deadline either drop it or push it back a few more days perhaps weeks!

P.s. If your drowning in designer shoes maybe i could help with taking a few to make the escape a little easier? lol, just kidding =]

Good luck

Can creativity just vanish?!?!?

Can creativity just vanish?!?!?

I would say your creativity has been over shadowed buy the class work and is not lost. It is there waiting to come out and stressing over what you don't seem to be able to do just puts a damper on it. So relax focus on class and you creativity will reemerge on its own. Mine seem to go in cycles a few month of ups then some down time but it always seems to come back.

Creativity help!!!! Birthday present in one month?

Creativity help!!!! Birthday present in one month?

Make a "memory jar", the gift that keeps on giving! Get a jar that has a lid, a decent sized one, then what you do is take paper and cut at least 50 of them in 2" squares and write down your funniest moments with your BFF, a quote for the day, and any funny sayings you both say, well just whatever you want, and fold them all up individually and put them in the jar and she can open one a day! Add confetti to the jar with the folded papers for affect. They have lots of cute confetti out there now. Then decorate the jar with that squeeze paint and write "memory jar". If you get one of those jars that have a sort of lip at the top you can add a ribbon to it as well. I did one for my BFF and she just LOVED it to pieces and thought is was the most awesome gift and every day she always opens a smile of our fun times together! =) It's worth the effort you put into it!! Have fun with it!!

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