Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month on January, 2023: Can you ski in Aspen without getting on the gondolas?

January, 2023 is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month 2023. Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month - Shawnee Mountain Ski Area - the ... Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month

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Can you ski in Aspen without getting on the gondolas?

Well, you rented the wrong gear for backcountry skiing! You probably want to purchase rondonee skis if you intend to go into the backcountry, about $1,000 each to get started. Personally, I would haul up a split board of a snowboard. Grouse Creek, near Minturn, is a good location to begin skiing for free on National Forest lands.

If you mean now, this week, then you are out-of-luck. There is no natural snow adequately deep to ski backcountry. Normally, the best backcountry skiing is in the months of February to June. Also, without knowing what you are doing, you are likely to die by heart attack or avalanche.

One December, in a good snowpack year, I hiked to the summit of Quandary peak, an easy peak that only took me 11 hours to summit and return through powder, in some places, nearly up to my waist. About 20 hikers were out with me that day. A half-dozen were carrying ski or snowboard equipment. All but 3 of us turned around by 12,000 feet. Only 3 of us reached the summit of Quandary, 14,265 feet, all day long.

One of the cheapest places to learn how to ski is Arapahoe Basin, on the Continental Divide east of Aspen about four hours. I think the Molly Hogan lift learning area is about $10 a day, then you need to purchase lessons with the ski school instructors, probably $50 for a group lesson. You are fools if you go downhill skiing in the mountains without taking lessons.

Is January bring a friend month at Seven Springs Ski Resort?

Is January bring a friend month at Seven Springs Ski Resort?


Snowboarding vs Skiing?

Snowboarding vs Skiing?

Well man, I had a snowboard last year and It got stolen at a ski resort. After getting it stolen, I have decided I am getting Twin-tip skis. This is for a couple of reasons.

1. Some places do not allow snowboarders. (that is nice when you dont wanna have to weave between snowboarders who are sitting down.) So your going to have more options as far as places to ski

2. Skiing is much easier to pick up so even if you do not want to do tricks, you can easily start riding around and getting used to it. Snowboarding is harder and takes a lot of balance and time. You will not be good your first 5 times. Guranteed youll come home with a black and blue ass.

3. Skiing just looks better dont you think? look up trick skiing twin tip on youtube and you will see what im talking about. I would say Skiis but thats just me. Choose what you WANT!!!

TIP!! Skiing can last a lot longer as in longevity of you using the sport. Snowboarding wears out after a while while skiing is good until your knees give out. Just another reason.

BTW. If you want to get some free bindings or skiis I'd reccomend going to and signing up and earning some free cash to get some free bindings. Its expensive both sports so you could easily use that site to knock down some prices. Hey why not? Good sites are backcountryoutlet.com and dogfunk.com for really good prices. (like 80% off)

Also on this date Sunday, January 1, 2023...