Birth Defects Month on January, 2023: Birth Defects?

January, 2023 is Birth Defects Month 2023. Facts About Birth Defects Everything you need to know about birth defects and treatment.

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Birth Defects?

Our third baby was diagnosed with Charge Syndrome after she was born. It is a genetic disorder which causes heart defects, kidney problems and vision/hearing loss.

It was "one of those things" and does not run in the family. The chance of it happening is 1 in 10,000.

Our dear little one died of pneumonia at age 5 months because the strain on her heart was too much. Surgery might have fixed it....but she didn't make it that far.

We are expecting again and very happy, although once that happens (or once you miscarry) you are a little more "fragile" the next time.

But God knows best. Try not to worry because your chances of having a healthy baby are excellent, and even when something is wrong, mothers and fathers have a special love and strength that sees them through.

will the baby have birth defects if i just found out im a month pregnant?

will the baby have birth defects if i just found out im a month pregnant?

no not at all...(only a doctor can say for sure)

But many people don't even find out 'til they are 2 months or so you are safe don't worry!

Back in the day babies were born all the time and they never took prenatals..what we need them

for these days is to balance our nutrients we intake so the baby will get more of stuff we aren't getting from regular foods. Just start now or wait 'til you go to the doctor :) congrats I'm about 7-8 weeks along myself.

Most birth defects are from stuff in your medical background that could be passed on or something severe like you have been doing drugs or if you have an illiness of some kind but these days the doctors can do so much to help :D

serious birth defect?

serious birth defect?

I had a stilborn child at 7 months, due to a cord accident (the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck days before she was born). I was really comforted by the scripture Psalms 139: 13-16, particularly the part where it talks about it being written, "the days there were for [her], when as yet there was not one of them". It helped me to know that the Lord wrote days for my little girl, even though all of those days were when she was inside me, and that her times were in His hands.

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