Third Shift Workers' Day 2022 is on Saturday, May 14, 2022: How do you ask your current supervisor for a better job in the shift?Please help!?

Saturday, May 14, 2022 is Third Shift Workers' Day 2022.

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Third Shift Workers’ Day

Many people function in the day, which is lucky for them. Third Change Workers' Day celebrates those that lead more nocturnal lives.

Do you ever save a thought for the nurses, fire-fighters, grocery store shelf-fillers, and all the other brave people that work the third shift while you sleep peacefully in your soft, cozy bed? They're individuals that truly keep the globe turning, yet they could also be unseen as far as the majority of us are concerned. Inhabiting the strange, monochromatic world of desires, they keep us safe from injury, see to it our packages are delivered on time, and ensure that our morning croissant is recently cooked.

Now come on and take in a salute to the health of 3rd change laborers almost everywhere. Let's face it, just what with the devastations inflicted on their invulnerable devices from having their body clock messed around a lot, they'll be grateful for it!

How do you ask your current supervisor for a better job in the shift?Please help!?

It would help to know how long you've been with the company. That aside its a very troubled time for most worker's trying to find a job. A lot of people are having to except jobs outside their degree, just to make a living. So with that in mind, take a look at the 100 other workers around you, they might have degrees and the mind set to move up the company ladder. The thing to do is build a working relationship with your supervisor, let them know of your interest in advancement over time, and work hard to do your job exceptionally well so you stand out.

I work third shift at a job I don't favor to much, but I am greatful for it. My goal is to get into a better position within the company, or to move on and find something more fitting to my personality, but in the mean time I'll try and give my best to this job, because without it I could be homeless.

Which job should I apply for at a nursing home,housekeeper or dietary aide?

Which job should I apply for at a nursing home,housekeeper or dietary aide?

Just off the cuff, I would think that the position of dietary aide would be a much less physically demanding job.

For general career info: and can search 'food and beverage serving and related workers' (dietary aide may be similar to cafeteria aide or kitchen aide), 'building cleaning workers' or such.

I would be just as concerned or more with human resources calling me in for an interview, lol. Competition is so fierce especially these days and being that it is so close to the holidays with most people choosing to stay at their job if they can.

When filling out a job application, please remember that it's generally recommended to write (or say at an interview) that "salary is negotiable" as to not overbid or underbid. If at an interview, please remember to only bring up salary at the very end of the interview unless the person doing the interview brings up the topic sooner. It can show that one is not so greedy :)

For more job tips: and can click "career advice" or such.

what percentage of my settlement should an attorney be entitled to?

what percentage of my settlement should an attorney be entitled to?

ABA rules of professional conduct say the fee amount should not be unreasonable. Some states, like CA, apply the unconscionability standard-- does it shock the conscience or is it fundamentally unfair under the circumstances?

Agreements are fully negotiable, your lawyer cannot say he is entitled by law to some amount, although the law may impose a ceiling in cases like workers' compensation.

Generally, attorneys take between a third and half depending on how much work they put in. All of this should be detailed in the representation agreement and the benchmarks should be specified-- one third if settled within 90 days, forty percent if a complaint is filed, half if it proceeds to trial, etc.

Likewise, the agreement should note whether the percentage is on the gross or net amount of the award-- does he get to take a cut AND subtract his costs?

Finally, if there is a fee shifting law (defendant pays plaintiff's attorneys fees), he should credit you for every dollar he gets from the defendant and only take a cut if his fee award is less than a third of the total and then only take enough to bring his cut up to the proper percentage.

Complicated, right? NEGOTIATE!

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