Receptionists Day 2024 is on Tuesday, May 14, 2024: how do u yodel in german while the damn receptionist whistles all day?

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 is Receptionists Day 2024. May 8: “Receptionists Day” receptionists day 5-8

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Receptionists Day

Receptionists Day is investing to reflecting the significance and effort of receptionists worldwide, who're frequently accountable for supplying a great first impression to clients, staff and VIPs, in addition to maintaining your day-to-day procedures of the organisation’s customer-facing aspects running easily and effectively.

how do u yodel in german while the damn receptionist whistles all day?

First exercise: determination of your raw power

On a nice warm day, step outside and stay close to your front door (for safety reasons). Yell at your neighbor across the street (or the field, the lake, etc. minimum distance: 50 feet). Words like: HEY, WHY, GO work best. Duck and rush back inside, DON'T approach. Lock the door, if applicable.

Now, reflect on what you have done, scientifically speaking: did you notice that you yelled not only from the top of your lungs, but from the top of your voice? If you didn't, try again and, this time, listen within yourself! Because this is where the term I raised my voice comes from. Your voice gets higher, coming dangerously close to the top of your chest voice (technical term). And that provides the most power, which we need for yodeling!

Second exercise: locating your falsetto (ladies version: refining your shrieking voice). Couples can do this one together.

Go to the zoo of your choice. Find the primates. Listen to the sound of an excited Chimpanzee, like when they chase each other or getting fed. Go home. With your mouth closed at first, try to imitate that sound from the zoo. There! You found your falsetto. Don't overdo it! It's a relic of your childhood after all. Cherish it! Ladies: try to top the man's falsetto. Your shrieking voice should be slightly higher (naturally). Now produce both sounds repeatedly in succession (HEY-iihh, GO-iihh ...).

Third (and last) exercise: combining the first two.

Rent a Tarzan movie (preferably Johnny Weissmuller or Lex Barker - besides other benefits, they're both dead and can't sue you). Tarzan's type of jungle-yodeling is most suitable for the average person. Watch the movie three times, paying close attention to the yodeling scenes (clue: mostly combined with Tarzan swinging on the vines or alerting his animal friends).

With your accumulated knowledge of the first two exercises, try to imitate the jungle-yodeling, gliding from your chest voice into the falsetto and back. Don't worry, if it doesn't sound exactly the same as in the movie: that's the beauty of it! This is that type of improvised yodeling that is only limited by your creativity and personal feelings. Now you can yodel (for shower use) !

Next step (optional): Later you can always shape your yodeling into an art form by participating in your local version of an Oktoberfest or by purchasing a travel package to Munich, Germany.

Final exam (recommended):

Take a camping or hiking trip. Three witnesses (or other scholars) required. Location should provide some (rocky) mountains or forests with high (reasonably) healthy trees. On a nice warm day (similar to the one at the beginning of the course), take a deep breath and yodel to your hearts content. Notice the added enhancement of the natural echo (intensity and beauty will vary). You did it!

The amazement in the eyes of your witnesses and your pounding heart will be your well deserved reward. Repeat twice a year for continuing improvement. Good luck with your (now enhanced) life!

Receptionist job interview?

Receptionist job interview?

I am not a receptionist, but I take part in the hiring process. Here are some of the questions we ask all employees, regardless of their position:

How do you handle stress?

If I gave you a deadline for something due in two days, how do you manage your time?

How would you describe your multitasking skills?

If you are currently working, why are you looking to leave?

Why did you leave your last job?

Do you work better unsupervised or under supervision and why?

Why do you think you are a good candidate for this position?

How do you deal with an irate customer over the phone?

If someone calls and ask you information you have no knowledge of, how do you handle that?

Please make sure your answers are clear and with confidence. Do not hesitate much, you are allowed to of course, especially since the interviewer understands you may be nervous. Relax, you'll do fine.

Good luck!

Receptionist job interview . Help !?

Receptionist job interview . Help !?

Here are Receptionist interview questions with answers likely to be asked.

1) Why should we hire you?

Previous experience, skills and customer service abilities should help you answer this question. Show how your experience, developed skills and love for the position meet the requirements of the company, support your arguments with very a very detailed explanation about the skills you possess. Do some online research in order to have a better idea of what the real needs of the company are and find out more info about the position you are applying for through an Informational Interview.

2) Why did you decide to become a receptionist?

Mention how much you love working with people and helping them. How your skills perfectly fit the receptionist profile and how many rewarding experiences you have gained through the years because of the job itself.

3) What do you generally do when a customer/client comes to you with a question you cannot answer, perhaps because you do not know the answer?

Show how interested you are in learning as much as possible about the company and how fast you expect to adapt yourself to different questions and situations while working with clients. Also mention that whenever an answer to a question is out of your hands you know you can always count on your supervisor.

4) How do you deal with stress and angry clients?

Always mention how easy it is for you to handle difficult situations not getting stressed. The client is always right and there is always a way to find a diplomatic solution to problems by following the company policy and protocol.

5) What do you think are most important abilities receptionist should always have?

Attitude; a receptionist should always have a friendly and polite attitude towards clients and enjoy working and interacting with people.

6) What software are you familiar with?

Make applications list you are familiar with before going to the interview and show the interviewer how interested you would be in learning how to use new software.

7) Did you find yourself in really stressing situations in your previous job?

Be honest about this question. Mention what happened and how you would manage different situations in order to overcome pressure and give best results to company.

8) Have you worked for many stressing companies/organizations?

Here what they really want to know is: What do you do to overcome day-to-day stress. Mention the level of stress the companies you worked for involved and how you would enjoy each job and challenge and prepare many personal activities in order to relax during your time-off.

There is a chance the interviewer will ask you "tell me about yourself" and questions about your technical knowledge. Make a list of all the applications you are familiar with, machines you can use and particular skills you possess (typing speed, languages, etc.) so you can get more interest from your interviewer.

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