Chicken Dance Day 2024 is on Tuesday, May 14, 2024: I need a 10-second dance to do for my school play.?

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 is Chicken Dance Day 2024. Happy National Chicken Dance Day!! Happy National Chicken Dance

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Chicken Dance Day

The Chicken Dance is really a tradition at wedding ceremonies, childrens’ discos and family occasions. To be able to acquire some practice in, take a while on Chicken Dance Day to understand to complete dance just like a chicken.

I need a 10-second dance to do for my school play.?

chicken dance


shopping cart

lawn mower


milk the cow

screw in the lightbulb

you can make any normal day thing and turn it into a dance move! :)



No, I'm too chicken.

But I would LOVE to do it while at the grocery store some day.

Is the chicken dance real?

Is the chicken dance real?

yes we should have and the chicken is very cool.

my chicken is called shane Kelly what a name

Are there chickens in islam

Also on this date Tuesday, May 14, 2024...