Take Your Child To The Library Day 2025 is on Saturday, February 1, 2025: ok.Easter holidays are here.I've got 2 kids home all day?

Saturday, February 1, 2025 is Take Your Child To The Library Day 2025. Ideas to Celebrate Take Your Child to the Library Day, Feb. 2nd ... Ideas to Celebrate Take Your

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Take Your Child To The Library Day

Bring your child towards the library and you'll feed their imagination. An appreciation of reading through and books begins with pictures, tales and rhymes which the youngest child can also enjoy and Take Your Son Or Daughter Towards The Library Day is a superb excuse to swing by.Whatever age your son or daughter, you'll be given a hot welcome. The days are gone when libraries were dreary quiet places patrolled by irritated staff. You will find special areas for kids with vibrant shows, easily accessible books and comfy seating. Nobody expects your son or daughter to stay quiet, so relax. Joining is a straightforward process and also the staff are friendly and useful.Older kids will love while using computer systems, borrowing Dvd disks and finding interesting books on hobbies. Employees may even recommend books for homework projects that is great news for just about any busy parent.For your son or daughter towards the library, be prepared to return frequently because it is a treasure chest for any age. Priceless.

ok...Easter holidays are here...I’ve got 2 kids home all day....?

With children those ages, you don't have to have activities every day, perhaps alternate days you could plan something - maybe friends coming over to play, a day of Water Play, or a day at the Public Library, Dress Up day, a day at the park with a Picnic.

Get together with other women who have children the same ages, and spend a morning with them.

You also don't need full day activities, just a couple of hours each day to make each day special.

Think about us ...... we Home School - my daughter with me a lot!

child care education program?

child care education program?

i would be looking for enrichment in your area

library story time

the gym kids time

gymnastics classes for toddler

go to the park

enroll in half day enrichment at a center


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How would you punish a child who keeps losing things that dont belong to her?

How would you punish a child who keeps losing things that dont belong to her?

I was one of these children.

The first thing you need to do is not punish your child. Punishing her will only give her an even lower self esteem for one. Second off there's a difference between punishing and discipline. Remember that.

Start off by not letting her borrow things from other people. Bottom line. Except for library books.

Designate a spot in the house for library books. Tell her when she gets home that she needs to put the library books in that place and in that place only. If she wants to read them that is fine, but she has to put it back when she is done. Remind her the first few times that as soon as she gets home she needs to put the books there. Then stop reminding her. Find some sort of incentive, taking her out for a cheap ice cream cone, grabbing a small toy at the dollar store, going to the park, for not losing the library book. If she shows you over time that she can be responsible for that, the next thing you do is give her something to be responsible for when she is at home. Make a sticker chart with the days of the week on it. If you ask her three times (randomly) during the evening (or day on the weekends) to produce the item and she can get it without it being lost and without looking for it, then she gets a sticker. She makes it the whole week (don't give her any exceptions) then do something special for her. Over time this will exercise her memory and teach her to keep track of things. Then if it works you will be able to let her borrow other peoples things again. Start small, one object from a person at a time. And use your place for library books for things like games, etc.

Try all this for 21 days (give her plenty of time to adjust to this). If it works...then great! If not, start grounding her until she works off what she has lost. Have her do chores around the house to pay for it.

Good luck!

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...