G.I. Joe Day 2025 is on Saturday, February 1, 2025: Cheapest place to buy G.I. JOE Hasbro 25th Anniversary DVD Battle Pack Pyramid of Darkness?

Saturday, February 1, 2025 is G.I. Joe Day 2025. G.I. Joe Digs Doris Day G.I. Joe Digs Doris Day

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Cheapest place to buy G.I. JOE Hasbro 25th Anniversary DVD Battle Pack Pyramid of Darkness?

G.I. JOE Hasbro 25th Anniversary DVD Battle Pack Pyramid of Darkness

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G.I. Joe is back and he'll fight for freedom wherever there's trouble! A Real American Hero continues with this electrifying assortment that features awesome 3 3/4-inch scale figures based on the characters and designs of the earlier Real American Hero line. Each boxed set includes a DVD, display stands, and awesome accessories taken right from the show. Fight for your right to collect and play with these terrific figures! Ages 5 and up. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is a military-themed line of Action Figures and toys. Produced by Hasbro, the toy line lasted from 1982 to 1994, producing well over 500 figures and 250 vehicles and playsets. The line reappeared in 1997 and has continued in one form or another to the present day. It was supported by 2 animated series, as well as a major comic series published by Marvel Comics. Hasbro officially announced a new line of 25th anniversary 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe figures on January 18, 2007 and has stated that the figures will be all new sculpts and the most detailed and articulated G.I. Joe figures ever!

Value of G.I. Joe collection?

Value of G.I. Joe collection?

If they are all loose that cuts down on price. Don't confuse on GI Joe military figures with Hasbro made GI Joe brand figures. The prices I'm saying are for Hasbro GI Joes. Complete figures, meaning they have all the equipment they come with can go for between $10 and $20. Incomplete depend on what figure and what it's missing and can run from $1 to $10 a figure. There are also some newer GI Joe figures from 2003 and 2004 that didn't have a wide distribution and they can run from $40 up to $100 mint in package and half of that loose, with complete equipment and uniform.

The Tank Destroyer half-track complete out of package would be around $100, but I have seen them sell much lower. They made a few different jeeps for the classic collection. The Shore Patrol seems to be the most sought after right now. It included a SP figure. While the army version with the fabric top is also a good seller. Both should run about $40 loose and the SP jeep add another $10 if you have the figure. They made a Desert Patrol Jeep, tan in color, that sells between $25 & $30 loose but complete. There was also a company called Formative International and sold jeeps under Soldiers of the World. They can look very much like Hasbro GI Joe jeeps, but are not worth as much.

As for accessories if you have extra after outfitting the figures you have a bag at auction would go from $1 to $5 gus for the gear.

G.I. Joe Help??????????????????????

G.I. Joe Help??????????????????????

the olden day gi joes were 12"

they're still around. ebay's a good place to find them and some bigger toy store chains occasionally have them.

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...