Spunky Old Broads Day 2025 is on Saturday, February 1, 2025: CAT HEALTH Help. High Levels of Microalbuminuria. UTI Symptoms?

Saturday, February 1, 2025 is Spunky Old Broads Day 2025. Merry Holidays Spunky Old Broads Month

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CAT HEALTH Help. High Levels of Microalbuminuria. UTI Symptoms?

First, contact your vet and talk to him/her specificallly about what the lab results were and what it means for your cat. It sounds like there is some damage or decreased function of the kidneys based upon your lab results, but your VET is the one that you should talk to about these--not the receptionist or someone on the computer.

Keep her on the K/D. It is a prescription diet designed specifically for kidney disease issues. Don't go adding foods or mixing and matching foods because that is an easy way to mess up the nutrient balance of the diet.

I would not immediately go to a second vet, just make sure that you get the information on your cat from your VET in the future.It may have been a random situation where the vet was dealing with an emergency or in surgery when you picked up your cat. However if having the receptionist discharge medical patients (as opposed to bath/dips, boarding) is a regular situation, then that would be a reason for switching vets. Client education is a very important part of providing medical care for a patient and with a medical case you should always get to talk to a vet for the initial diagnosis and at least a credentialed veterinary technician for rechecks of lab results.

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