Decorating With Candy Day 2025 is on Saturday, February 1, 2025: Valentines day, February 14?

Saturday, February 1, 2025 is Decorating With Candy Day 2025.

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Decorating With Candy Day

Sometimes all we want is permission to savor the small goodies in existence. On Decorating With Candy Day, people can make and revel in their sweet masterpieces without guilt. In the end, it’s an existing day where we're permitted to indulge – and indulge we shall!Why don't you smatter a layer of the favourite chocolate candies on the batch of freshly baked and iced cookies? Or crush up some peppermint candies and sprinkle on them some minty cheesecake, to include a scrumptious, fresh taste? Or surprise your personal family by developing a entire family scene of jelly babies on the top of some snacks? Anything you fancy, today may be the day where one can purchase a packet of individuals much-loved candies, and obtain designing away to produce a special sweet treat that'll be certain to make everybody proud to celebrate Decorating with Candy Day!

Valentines day, February 14?

Home made Valentine's Day cookies decorated with candy hearts.

How to make candy land b-day party for 14 year old?

How to make candy land b-day party for 14 year old?

Decorate the party room (or wherever you're having it) with colorful paper pom poms. They look kind of like gumdrops. You can also use Christmas candy cane decorations as a decoration too. Then, on the tables, put out lots of bowls of different kinds of candy (I'd recommend getting bulk candy from - they have really great prices) and make sure they're in colorful bowls. If you're doing gift bags or favors, give out candy necklaces or candy bracelets. For games, play a few rounds of Candyland and then round off the night with a movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Hope these ideas help!

What are some decoration ideas for a candy themed sweet sixteen?

What are some decoration ideas for a candy themed sweet sixteen?

There's SO much you can do!

Decorate in bright colors, pinks, whites, turquiose, etc. You can do pink and turquoise tablecloths, pink and white and even turquoise balloons in clusters in the corners in the party area and the same colors in the streamers.

Then, go to the craft store and get some cotton batting, in the sewing section and spray paint it pink and put it around the party area, it will look like cotton candy!!

For the centerpieces, get clear glass vases and put skittles or m&m's in them and then get those huge lollipops and put 3 to a vase. If they don't hold up, get some floral foam, cut it to size, put it in the bottom of the vase, and then cover with the candy. Then put the lollipops in the foam to hold them up. They'll act like the flowers and you can give them away as favors at the end of the party!

Get some clear vases and fill them with jellybeans, lemonheads, mike and ikes, all different hard candies and put them around the party area!

Pinata! It's a candy party of course! Go to the party store and get one or two, you can get the regular ones or the ones where you pull the strings to open. In the same aisle you can usually find what's called pinata filler and it's just that, big bags of candy to fill them with.

Then, you can get some gumball machines and put them around the party area, make sure to have some containers with pennies in them so your guests can get to them though! You can also get some of the candy specific dispensers too, like an m&m dispenser and put m&ms in them, jellybelly dispenser with jellybellys in them and so on.

For napkin rings, you can use a number of things. You can tie a piece of licorce around the napkin. Or you can buy those candies that look like the diamond rings and put them around the napkins. They're the ones that are candy on top and have a plastic ring on the botton. You can put the plastic part of the ring around the napkin and have the candy diamond part facing up. Or you can get those candies that are button candies and they are on the white paper that you bite off with your teeth, you can use them and tape them around the napkin.

Then, set up an ice cream bar! Get chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream and some toppings. Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and marachino cherries and have everyone make their own sundaes. You can get the plastic sundae dishes at the dollar store or the waffle cone bowls at the grocery store.

For favors, you can get some clear cellophane bags and have your guests fill them with some of the candy at the end of the party. Don't do it during the party, or you'll lose your decorations! Wait until the very end and then tell them they are welcome to the candy that are the decorations and they can help themselves!

You can also go to and check out what she has there. It's a candy store that also sells t-shirts and key chains and everything related to candy! You can get some things there and even a big candy bucket you can make as a door prize, OR better yet, put your own together!

You can also buy candy at your local warehouse stores like Costco, BJs, or Sam's, and if your parents don't have a membership, see if another relative does or if a friend's parent does and if they can take you there. There are day passes, but places like Costco do NOT allow shopping on the day passes. I'm not sure about Sam's and BJ's, but Costco, does NOT allow it, only going in and checking out the place.

You can also do little cupcakes as favors. You can make cupcakes and at the craft stores they have those cupcake tree things that hold them, you can get a few of them and put them on the tables to hold the cupcakes, you can then get the Chinese take-out boxes and tell each guest to pick a cupcake and take it with them and give them a box to their cupcake in. This way they go home with their sweets from your sweet party!

For other decorations, you can buy some balls, like those big bouncy balls or big styrofoam balls and cover them in cellophane and make them look like big pieces of hard candy. Make sure to twist the ends and secure them with a colorful rubberband. Then you can put them around the party area. You can also get some foamboard, cut it into a circle with a stick and then paint it to look like a big lollipop, then you can make 2 of them and put them at the entrance of the party are.

If the party's going into the evening, get some of the clear, stringed Christmas lights and hang them around the party area. They will add a really nice touch like twinkle lights and look really pretty!

If the party's indoors you can try and make a big bow out of fabric and add it to the ceiling and have the ends drape down the sides of the wall. I would do that in pink, especially if the walls of the party area are white, you'll have a pink and white backdrop.

You can also get one of those mini chandeliars, they sell them for $5, I know the container store sells them, their website is and you can do a search for mini chandeliers, I'm not sure where else you can get them, but they are battery operated and you can hang them around the party area for a really nice touch too!

I hope some of these ideas helped and that you have a great party and a very Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday!!

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