Serpent Day 2025 is on Saturday, February 1, 2025: fellow christians how long is a day according to our Bible?

Saturday, February 1, 2025 is Serpent Day 2025. Happy Sea Serpent Day! Happy Sea Serpent Day!

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fellow christians.. how long is a day according to our Bible?

Twenty - fours hours a day is man days and Noah gave 375 days in the ark until the earth was dry again. Gen.6:3 amd Moses at Deut.34:7 died at age 120. Psm.90:10 and David died at age 70 1Ki.2:10,11.

Adam was to die in the day he sinned in, Adam was created to live forever if he did not sin, he died at age 930 and 70 years short of a Day for God, which is 1000 years.

Day is used as age, or era. Eph.2:7; 3:21 The world with Jesus is without end.

For God so loved the world that he gave his son Jesus to save the world John 3:16

1Cor.15:22 As in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Gen.2:4 All the days of creation are one day [ at the end of Rev.20:1-6; From the preparation of earth for habitation, to animals, to humankind as the world, to eternal life and the life sustaining earth lost, to angels that do not die, and did sin as did Satan ], so that a new heavens and a new earth must come to make all as perfect as before Eden 2Pet.3:8,13; This will take 49,000 years and Gen.1:1,2 shows all existed when earth became a focus for habitation. So 41,870 years to Adam 6072 years ago and we are in the last days before Rev.20:1-6 the raised up first resurrected are with Jesus at his coming down out of heaven from God Rev.3:12 to resurrect 12, 13 those for the new earth to be judged Heb.9:27 It is appointed unto man, once to die and after that the judgement. Rev.21:1-5 ALL WILL BE MADE NEW.

Gen.6:2,4 angels did sin Judge 6; 1Pet.3:18-20 and 2Pet.2:4 and they do not die Luke 20:34-36; 1Cor.6:2,3 Saints will judge then. Job 38:4-7 the were there to see the earth become a focus for habitation, they are called mornimg stars and sons of God, John 17:3,5,24 Jesus was there Rev.22:16 Jesus is called the bright and morning star Matt.16:16.17 Jesus is the son of the living God.

Job 2:1,2 Satan was with the sons of God Isa.14:12-14 Eze.28:13-15 The cherub anointed over Eden, called Lucifer means day star and compares world leaders to him, Gen.3:1-5 called serpent he decieved Eve John 8:44 Satan the devil is responsible for the death of every offspring of Adam, that Jesus plans to save.

Jesus was age 30 when he faced Satan in World Empire #6 in Matt.4:1-11; Jesus was crucified John 3:13-17 resurrected Acts 2:27-35 and ascended Acts 1:9-11 to wait until Michael and holy angel cast Satan and unholy angels of Gen.3:15 out of heaven and down to footstool earth to end Empire #7 [ 2520 after Babylon #3, 606 years before #6 and Christ ], and they will have a short time [ for angels that do not die, for us and age 70 being old age it may seem long ]. Rev.12:6-12; in the eighth until the second coming of Christ in Rev.20:1-6;

Time in the bible is from nw moon to new moon and Sabbath to Sabbath Isa.66:1,22,23;

365 days same as us with make up time to keep it even. 360 days are the math as for Daniel 4:16,23,25,32 [ 7x 360 = 2520 to end Empire #7 after Babylon is #3 ];

Dan.9:2,24-27 [ weeks of years is the math [ 7x 62 and 7x 7 ]; and 7:25 is the math as 2500, Dan.8:12-14 2300 is the math. Dan.12:1-7 [2500 ], 8-10 [ 2520 ] 11 [ 2580 ] 12 [ 2670 ].

What do you believe the serpent looked like before the curse?

What do you believe the serpent looked like before the curse?

I honestly cannot fathom it,but it seems as if the Serpent was upright and not crawling on its belly. As you mentioned from Gen 3 it was cunning and crafty. It was through this creature that satan was able to communicate by speaking to Eve.

It was only after the fall that men knew fear and anxiety around animals. It was after the fall that animals and all of creation was cursed and as such, some animals would eat man and not be submitted to him as the one having dominion.

So Eve's fear for a serpent at that time was not the same kind of fear that we may bear toward a serpent.

Outwardly I do not think that Eve would have been afraid of the serpents appearance. Maybe it was attractive and beautiful in its own right. After God created all the creatures of the field, He declared it was " Good" ...

She stood there and was completely deceived and brought to the point of questioning God's intentions.

And you know sister.. today it is the same.. the enemy comes to us mostly as a " ?"

Causing us to question God at every angle. This whole forum, where on the one hand it gives the Lord a way to move, has also been a breeding ground for the enemy to continue to put questions that insult God's Person, Integrity, Character, Purpose, Will etc.

May we be very much under the Lord's governing as we participate in this forum.

IN Christ


What does, Moses, Jesus, the Serpent and the cross with Ophiuchus have to do with the crown

What does, Moses, Jesus, the Serpent and the cross with Ophiuchus have to do with the crown, Corona Borealls?

Jesus is Our Bronze Serpent

The Bronze Serpent spoken about in Numbers 21: 4-9 is a type of the anti type found in none other but OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST! When we look at this passage of scripture we see the Israelite s on the mountain of Hor, tired of their wanderings in the wilderness. They are fed up and complaining bitterly. In fact they even hate the manna brother that the Lord graciously gave them, they are thirsty and dry. Finally they speak against the Lord and all their circumstances. God sends poison snakes to bite them. The Israelite s realize their sin and humbly repent asking Moses to intercede for them to God. Moses does, then God in his mercy instructs Moses to make and erect the bronze serpent. Moses makes a replica of a poisonous snake! These people are told by Moses that all they have to do is to LOOK upon it and THEY WILL LIVE! Our God is the LIVING GOD Carey! We must keep our focus on Jesus. Jesus is our Bronze Snake. Seeing Jesus as God’s glory will save us from certain eternal death. He is our Redemption and Deliverance from the penalty of death that is our certain future if we don’t repent. The Bronze Serpent is a replica of the CROSS, WHICH Jesus died upon for the Salvation of the world. WE must confess and repent as the Israelite s did and LOOK UNTO JESUS FOR THE WAY TO Salvation! He is waiting for us at His wells. As he will take away our dryness and quench our thirst and give us the BREAD OF LIFE! Jesus Christ was lifted up and hung on the Cross as the Bronze Serpent was. The Bronze Serpent is a shadow of Christ! The bronze snake was not the cure ~ it was God’s sign of promise that he would heal them…because of this promise we know we can be forgiven and healed by Jesus Christ. He forgives us, heals us and restores us…all we need to do is ask for forgiveness of our sins and repent and turn towards Him as our Savior and Lord! Acts 16: 31 say “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved! John 3:16 tells us “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life!” So indeed Carey we see the promise fulfilled in Christ!

The” Poisonous Snakes” signify to us all of our circumstances in life brother, all those idols of sins and problems which come to attack us. These are fatal to us if we allow them to take away from us the presence and glory of God. Spiritually we must come to realize that our poisonous snakes rob us of the Glory of God!

Some points to ponder on Brethren:1. The poisons of our lives are still fatal...

2. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

3. We need to look to him and initiate Him into all parts of our life.

Just as the emphasis of purity is relevant to those High Priests in ancient days it is still relevant today. The look of faith is individual! The woman in Lev 21:9 though she be a Priests daughter, stood alone in her sins. Neither can we be saved through anyone but Jesus. Even a High Priests daughter was under the Law! We have the grace of Jesus and His blood covenant which is our covering for rituals to go through just repentance and confession. Our High Priest is Jesus and all we need do is ask for his forgiveness and it is granted! Hallelujah!

John 3: 14-15 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the son of man must be lifted up; that everyone who believe in Him may have eternal life! WE see hear that by looking > Bronze Serpent kept and continued life ~ Jesus represents the Bronze Serpent!

It was for mankind that Jesus Christ left the glory of heaven to come to this earth. We are love gifts from God the Father to God the Son. We are a crown of His affection for His Son, and as such, we are the most precious of all that He (Jesus) will ultimately inherit from the Father (which is simply, everything that exists). We are the objects of infinite love!

Corona is the Crown… This picture is truly a beautiful truth, a crown! A crown always signifies the rights of rule and ownership.

Outta Space ~ God Bless, God's story written in the Stars Wow! Whoa! Praise the Lord! Proof!


This first decan of the constellation Scorpio introduces the most ancient symbol of wickedness -- the serpent. You are probably familiar with the first instance of the mention of Satan in the Bible. It is found in the account in Genesis of Adam and Eve's fall into sin when Satan comes to Eve in the form of a serpent who was called the most "subtle" of all the creatures

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