Smart Irrigation Month on July, 2024: Help what's happening to me?

July, 2024 is Smart Irrigation Month 2024. July is Smart Irrigation Month - LSU AgCenter smart irrigation month logo

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Help what’s happening to me?

Hey lola, ignore Nyla the loser trying to solve your problems with colonic irrigation!

You'e 13 and chemical changes in your body are making you feel weird. It's like you're changing into another person because you ARE. This can be a very distressing time for some people, especially if they are embarrassed to talk about their feelings. So the first thing you should be doing is speaking to your parents or adult relatives you trust. This might mean asking at school for some kind of counselling, but don't be embarrassed by that - that's what counsellors are there for and they CAN help you.

Obviously you know that vomiting and self-harming are no way to live. You sound pretty smart. But sometimes when you're a teenager, you can get kinda wrapped up in yourself and think that no one understands you when in fact they understand you very well indeed. Many, many people have been through what you're going through right now and can understand and help you.

Being a bit self-obsessed can be taken too far and you sound rather introverted and inward-looking. This sounds corny and dull, but try joining a group or a club, where you will suddenly discover common ground with other people your own age, and realize that most of your classmates are struggling with their own issues in various ways. Like the fat kids, or the dumb kids or the red-headed kids! Everyone has their own burdens and insecurities and everyone thinks other people hate them, when most of the time those kids are too self-absorbed to even THINK about other people! LOL

Anyway, what I'm saying is, talk to someone, and try to take action yourself too, by doing stuff which is outside yourself, where you're required to work with others and achieve small goals which will start to build your sense of identity, so that you do not continue to feel hopeless and aimless.

Although you've been a goth, that doesn't define you. Smile at people and see how many smile back. It's a very basic thing but it's unbelievably useful in making yourself and others feel better and starting to build bridges between people.

Hang in there. Things will get better anyway, but they will get better sooner if you make an effort not to be so isolated and to show others that you welcome their friendship.

down the ’shore’?

down the 'shore'?

Nebraskan here who just recently visited the coast. I notice that quite a bit of your culture is built on the sea (like with themed restaurants, tourism places, shops, etc.). At least in my state our culture is built on the west (considering places like steakhouses, a good number of outdoor-oriented stores as well as a few western-themed shops especially in Western Nebraska).

We don't know the water like you do although lakes are in great abundance in our state. Our largest ships though might be smaller schooners and primarily "John" boats used for fishing our smaller lakes. Our hang-outs are the local malls or if your older the bar districts in the downtowns (local bars may number anywhere from 1 to maybe 30 depending on the town). The closest thing we have to a boardwalk is the place we land on in Monopoly.

Basically living in the plains states means a lot of driving. Our towns are spaced out a great deal (some are right next to each other like in NJ but the vast majority are a good 10-30 miles apart in the eastern part of the state and perhaps 30-40 in the west. Large towns (where a Walmart or a McDonalds may be) are as much as 80-100 miles apart in Western Nebraska. So yes, we worry about gas mileage a good deal around here although you might see more big pickup trucks and SUVs around here (although the Prius count is rapidly rising).

We may drive a great deal to get where we're going (as public transit in these states rates from barely-decent to pathetic to more likely none) but I have noticed our cost-of-living is quite a bit lower than on the east coast. Right now a standard 2 bedroom apartment in Omaha might go for maybe $700, I'd say a good (1980s) 3 bedroom house in Lincoln for under $180,000. A small 400 person community in central Nebraska may sell a two-bedroom house for as little as $30,000 even less depending on age.

Our industry and income does stem a lot from the states agriculture (Ethanol plants, some industries include center-pivot irrigation manufacturing, tractor/combine manufacturing as well as transportation companies) however a great deal of Insurance companies make their home here. We have considerable numbers of aviation, defense, pharmaceutical, logistics, manufacturing and information companies here too. So we aren't all just farm related.

Nebraskans may be laid back or constantly on the go depending on their professions and lifestyles. In the cities there is considerable traffic which has lead to major bypasses and super highways being built. Although in the rural areas you might get stuck behind a slow moving tractor on the highway for quite a while.

In all though (if you haven't gotten bored of reading this yet) Middle state people are, I don't want to say more friendly necessarily because they exist everywhere, but perhaps more patient? We tend to make do without the cutting edge of technology sometimes as the nearest store might be 25 miles away, forget about finding a Best Buy or a Macys or something like that nearby as they are a rare sight at least in Nebraska. (Keep in mind we still got iPhones, Guitar Hero and even a few Smart Cars)

Basically we know the land, there isn't a body of water in this state that doesn't extend beyond eyesight to the horizon. Most of ours is underground, pumped up from the Oglalla Aquifer. A good deal of our roads are gravel and our highways might stretch in a perfectly straight line for 60 miles accompanied by rows of crops broken every so often by a grain elevator, an overpass or some power lines.

Oh yea, we have winters with wind chills reaching -40 below and while it snows it isn't as much as say Buffalo, NY. Summer temps get to 100 fairly often. Some years it may rain very little others a lot. There is a usual standard of at least one Tornado Warning a year along with quite a few thunderstorms over the spring and summer months containing hail, high winds and lightning. In the winter blizzard like conditions do occur, but it seems not as much as years past. We do have our fair amount of nice weather though too, sometimes dry, sometimes humid.

If you're still awake I hope you enjoyed my description of Nebraska. We're always welcome to visitors to this state so if you're ever out in this part of the country stop by and visit some of our museums and attractions. (No I'm not a tourism officer, just a guy totally stoked about the plains states)

How do I stop thinking about what the ignorant think of me?

How do I stop thinking about what the ignorant think of me?

just re-read what you wrote :

"I'm smart, attractive, accomplished, and educated and I've faced this before too many times."

you need to calm your mind ( try meditation , take a bath ,relax ..who cares what they think , right , you know who you are and you are comfortable with that )

look at your mirror and smile :)

and if somebody makes an ignorant comment about you well just remember that it's due to their lack of experience and/or intelligence .

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