National Black Family Month on July, 2024: Why do we have black history month?

July, 2024 is National Black Family Month 2024. National Black Family Month Clip Art For National Black

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Why do we have black history month?

Every other race can trace their family trees back several centuries and were not forced to come to a country. Other races came to the US on their own free will but black people had their history and pride ripped away from them when they were in slavery for 400 years. Black month was developed because Blacks are/were absent from history books. We owe the celebration of Black History Month, and more importantly, the study of black history, to Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Born to parents who were former slaves, he spent his childhood working in the Kentucky coal mines and enrolled in high school at age twenty. He graduated within two years and later went on to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard. The scholar was disturbed to find in his studies that history books largely ignored the black American population-and when blacks did figure into the picture, it was generally in ways that reflected the inferior social position they were assigned at the time. African American celebrate to give us a sense of pride back and to know our history. Black History Month is not just for African American. Black History Month is a time to reflect and remember the accomplishments of a race of people that had everything stolen from them. Blacks are still to this day an undeserved population due to many people still having racism and prejudice in the US. White history is taught in schools all year round. :/

White people do have months to celebrate. There is Irish, Italian and Greek Heritiage Months.

February = Black history

March = Women's history and Irish history

April = Holocaust Month

Greek-American Heritage Month

Irish-American Heritage Month

May = Asian-Pacific history

Jewish-American Heritage Month

June = LGBT history

July = Fil-American Friendship Day (Phillippines, United States)-July 4th

September = Hispanic history

October = Disability awareness & Hispanic Heritage Month

German-American Heritage Month

National Italian-American Heritage Month

Polish-American Heritage Month

November = American Indian history

December = Universal Human Rights awareness

Every year at about this time, the obligatory "Do we still need black history month?" question is raised - A question that is never really raised for any other heritage month...

Also Why is OK to have a Black History Month but no White History Month?

Should there be a black history month?

Should there be a black history month?

I agree with you. As soon as black American's contributions to history have been fully incorporated into text books, and into our national awareness there may no longer be a need for a Black History Month. That time has not yet come and the need still exists.

Why is it wrong to use the term "Blacks" when referring to African Americans?

Why is it wrong to use the term "Blacks" when referring to African Americans?

NO in fact I prefer to be referred to as a Black person simply because I was born here but my family comes from the Caribbean. Additionally African American can include white people that were born in Africa or are from African heritage. To me the term Black encompasses all Black peoples- Black Americans, African, Caribbean and other

Also on this date Monday, July 1, 2024...
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