Women's Motorcycle Month on July, 2024: Am I right about this woman's intentions?

July, 2024 is Women's Motorcycle Month 2024.

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Am I right about this woman’s intentions?

Yes, its plain to see what her motives are. Your boyfriend needs to find a tactful way to tell her so is no longer to call him for anything. They are co-workers and the relationship starts and ends during work hours. Of course she may be in pain right now but there is no valid excuse for her behavior. I hope your boyfriend can see through her calls also.

Hornsby used dead woman’s credit card. That’s disgusting! Your thoughts?

Hornsby used dead woman's credit card. That's disgusting! Your thoughts?

That is definitely one sick puppy!.

I was always taught that no good comes from obtaining something that does not belong to you.

He reminds me of someone who would take the money out of the collection plate, or poor box at Church....or the jewelry off a corpse before burial.

Talk about not having a conscience, good grief,Makes me wonder how he could sleep at night, I pity him, the poor, sick, excuse of a person...thank you

Custom or Store Bought Motorcycle Chaps for small female?

Custom or Store Bought Motorcycle Chaps for small female?

You can trim the chaps to your highth. As far as the waist, have them altered if you really like them. A good quality pair of chaps are heavy, which is what you want. Good Luck..Ride safe

Also on this date Monday, July 1, 2024...