Cell Phone Courtesy Month on July, 2024: Cell phone help

July, 2024 is Cell Phone Courtesy Month 2024. Speaking of Cell Phones, Did You Know July is Cell Phone Courtesy ... Cell Phone Courtesy Month

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Cell phone help????????

It won't cost much, unless there was actual downloading and internet surfing happening. It's 1 cent per Kb. so having it sit on a page won't bring a large bill, looking through things will.

If this is the first time this has happened, you may be able to get the charges taken off as a one time courtesy. However, you may also be required to put the data plan on the account for 3 months if it comes out to a large amount being refunded. You don't get anything for free right?

Tell your parents what happened. Right away. Before the bill comes. They can call and customer service may be able to look up how much the oops is going to cost, and get it sorted out before the bill is generated. Customer service is normally good about these things. As long as it's not an issue that keeps happening.

Why do people keep opening their cell phones during the movies?

Why do people keep opening their cell phones during the movies?

Because the days of decency and courtesy are gone. I hate when that happens. When that happened a few weeks ago and the guy didn't stop, I went to one of the ushers and he was escorted out. Also, I was in Florida a few months ago. In some theaters there, you can send a text via a remote that is attached to your seat to have an usher come over so you don't have to get up and miss any of the movie. How cool is that?



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Step 1: Contact your wireless service provider IMMEDIATELY to suspend your service and report your missing cellular phone. Note that you will be responsible for any charges incurred from the time your phone was out of your possession up until the time your service is suspended.

If you purchased a monthly insurance plan at the time you activated your cell phone, the rest is fairly painless. Your next step is to call the insurance company's customer service line within 60 days and request a replacement cell phone (most wireless providers use Lock\line or Asurion Insurance Service Inc. as their insurance administrator). Once your replacement request is approved and you pay the $35-$50 deductible, they will send you the same or a comparable cell phone with similar features and functions. If, however, you do not have an insurance plan, go to Step 2...

Step 2: Check your wireless provider's corporate policy regarding lost or stolen phones. Some providers (such as Verizon Wireless) will grant you a courtesy suspension of service and monthly fees for up to 30 days until you replace or recover your wireless phone - provided that you haven't been granted one within the previous 12 months. Most service providers however do not offer courtesy suspensions, and may require that you present documentation to them, such as a police report or a sworn statement, within 14 days of having reported your cell phone lost or stolen.

Step 3: The next step for the uninsured is to buy a brand new cell phone. This can be costly, given that you will need to pay the full price of the phone excluding activation or rebate offers. For this reason, replacing your wireless phone is likely to cost more than your initial investment. And if you choose to cancel your contract with that wireless provider, you'll still be stuck paying cancellation fees.

Take Preventive Measures

The best way to avoid having to buy a new cell phone is to purchase an insurance plan. Most run between $3.99 and $5.99 a month and are charged to your monthly bill. Unlike warranties, insurance policies cover damages due to loss or theft. Some wireless providers, such as Sprint/Nextel, offer total equipment protection for $5.99 a month, which also includes repair and replacement services. If you're curious about what types of loss or damages the insurance underwriters will not cover, read more here.

Some last words of advice: In addition to purchasing insurance, consider locking your wireless phone to deter others from using it to make calls or access confidential information. On most cell phones, the "phone lock" or "keypad lock" feature can be found under the "settings" menu, though you should consult your instruction manual if you have trouble finding it. It should take less than 30 seconds to access the phone lock feature and let it guide you through the process of password protecting your handset.

Another option is installing software that allows you to remotely lock your cell phone or erase the data if your wireless phone is stolen or lost. Also, phonebook contacts are stored on your SIM card by default, so be sure to back up that information by downloading it to your hard drive, for example. Lastly, make a note of your SIM card password or change it to one you can remember. This may come in handy if you end up finding your missing cell phone.

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