Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month on July, 2024: 15 year old writer- is my work any good?

July, 2024 is Share A Sunset With Your Lover Month 2024. National 'share a sunset with your lover' month - San Francisco ... Parisian Sunset photo (above)

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15 year old writer- is my work any good?

I agree with the answer above me, if this is for school, well done. If it's for us readers, I'm sorry, but no. Over-describing is almost as bad as under-describing. Where's the action? All of this is just basically repeating the same feeling in different words. One of those paragraphs is more than enough.

I'm sorry, you've got great potential, the writing is brilliant, but it's not something you would see in a real book. In the end, when you look back...that didn't really tell us anything except that your character has lost someone and is in pain. Five well written lines could have told me the same thing.

I know this might sound harsh, because it IS a good piece of writing, just not for a novel.

Good Luck! :)

hi all i wanted to start a career in poetry writing

hi all i wanted to start a career in poetry writing . i am placing my poem here wanna know your comments ?

Since you want to start a career in poetry, I need to tell you a few things up front:

1. Unless you are already famous for something else, or have an advanced degree in English Literature, the odds that you'll be able to make enough money in poetry to survive is almost zero. Publishers of poetry work on a very small margin and need to compete with publishers of many other books that are far more popular. There are 300 million people in the United States, and a few times as many in the world who speak and write in many new poetry books are published each year? How many of them are from people you don't already know? That's what you're up against. I'm not saying it's impossible, but you have a better chance at winning a local lottery.

2. Poetry for sale from someone not already famous must be "perfect"; no spelling errors, malapropisms, grammatical inconsistencies, etc. In other words, just like art, the poems must come from someone very well trained, educated, or experienced with writing poetry. This takes time and lots and lots of practice.

3. Just because you can't sell your poetry doesn't mean you shouldn't write it whenever you feel like it. A good poet writes because they have something to share with others...and not because they need to sell what they write. If their poetry is well accepted and they have enough of them, they may eventually put their poetry together and sell it, but that is after the fact, not the reason they write.

4. Your poem is heartfelt, no question about it. You have a good image and concept for the poem as well. All the errors present in your poem are those made by someone just starting out and are not caused by a lack of talent, just a lack of practice and experience. We all have images in our heads, concepts in our mind, but express those images and concepts differently depending on our background, training, etc. If you want to be able to better express them in poetic form, you need to study poetry. If you wanted to paint a lovely scene, you'd probably take an art class, or at least study how to paint...if you just went out and purchased some paint and brushes and started painting, would you expect to create a masterpiece? Of course not. You may have talent as an artist, but unless you practice the craft, be it art, poetry, music, etc., you'll not be in a position to sell your creations due to a lack of quality.

5. Poems posted on Yahoo Answers often get rave reviews for a variety of reasons. They're great for one's ego, but often don't reflect an objective review or provide the constructive criticism you need to improve. The worst part about them is it makes the answers that try to help you sound mean or jealous, when in fact they are usually more honest than the others. So, when you look at answers, especially if you want to be a poet (for sale or simply so you can share your thoughts), you need a tough skin and listen to "all" the comments to see if they have a point.

6. Finally, your poem: try to avoid slang like "wanna", "xpressed", the lower case "i", and the prologue/epilogue narration. Like another answerer already mentioned, it's like explaining a joke before you tell it, or after you've told it. If you have to provide a background to your poem, you haven't told your poem properly...we should be able to hear what you have to say "in" your poem. Also, poems need to show more than tell. What I mean by that is you need to create an image that tells us what's going on, not just narrate it. It isn't only about images, it's about the balance of images and the direction provided by form and connecting phrases. These are all aspects of poetry that seldom come naturally and must be learned over time. Your poem has a lovely, beautiful concept, and I'd suggest you write more than one poem on the subject, trying different ways to express the same idea. Your poem doesn't have to rhyme, but it has to make us feel. If someone said, "there once was a woman dying of cancer and she just wanted to be held before she died" you might feel sad. If someone said it the "right" way, you'd be in tears half-way through it...and that's the difference between prose and poetry.

You've taken a very big first step towards being a better've created a poem and put it out for others to see it and comment on it. That isn't an easy thing to do. Your next step should be to start studying poetry, it's different forms, styles, etc. You can do this by reading more poetry, but you also need to actually study poetry. Buy yourself a few books on how to write poems or how they're constructed so you'll understand the basics...and go from there.

...and by all means, keep writing, whether you ever make a dime at it or not.

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