Family Golf Month on July, 2024: Family vacation to Tennessee ?

July, 2024 is Family Golf Month 2024. Have fun, play golf with your family during Family Golf Month Family Golf Month

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Family vacation to Tennessee ?

Gatlinburg is a lot of fun and is PERFECT for families. Wilderness in the Smokies is so much fun but it is pricey. you might check or because wilderness always has deals on those. Most of Gatlinburg is either expensive or really cheap (meaning Motel 6 and equivalent). Good thing is you can walk to everything and there is everything from indoor skydiving to go carts and Mini-golf. Pigeon Forge is next door and if you cant find a place in Gatlinburg, look there. Try Cabins too, so you can cook in your home and save money from going out to eat everyday as you would if you rented a hotel. Your choice, either way you will have a good time.

Do you have a golf membership? How much?

Do you have a golf membership? How much?

I pay about 550/month in the Chicago suburbs, and that includes 100/mo food minimum. I'm single and don't have kids- most of buddies that have families usually spend spend about 1000/mo because of the kids and mom at the pool during the summer.

Need help if im good enough for college golf?

Need help if im good enough for college golf?

If you have a swing - i mean a coachable swing - it's not too late to hope for division I golf. Here's how you get to be the best you can be.

First thing. Practice. Use every ounce of pull that you have with your highschool team. If you get free range balls - hit a small bucket every day. If you have access to a club pro for free - get lessons and insight whenever you can. This goes for the off-season too. Don't just hang up the clubs when the snow hits. Definitely practice your grip and alignment. Maybe some chips or putts indoors. If you have a golf shop with a simulator, take some lessons with the pro on the simulator, just to keep swinging through the winter. If you want to break 75 by next season, here's how to do it.

1) follow above. Practice smartly though. Don't just swing to hit balls, swing to play shots. Practice drawing and fading the ball in a controlled way. Pick targets and start playing target golf. Aim small, miss small. Get your shots to fall in a 30 yard diameter from one another. When youve got that down with your clubs, aim smaller.

2) start working out. Don't just pump iron. Go for endurance strength. The difference between you and better players is that they're in better shape and can repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat their swing. They know that when they have to hit the hard, high cut on the 18th hole, they're not going to be tired and their muscles won't be fatigued. I go with lighter weight and more reps. Up in the 15-20 rep range. Eat healthier too when you play golf. make sure you don't eat sugary stuff that will make you crash. fruit and nut mix with a little chocolate helps a lot.

3) keep limber over the off-season. Not just physically but mentally. Think about shots. If you have a gaming system, pick up a good game for it. Think about playing shots that you'd have to play normally. low hooks, high draws, knockdowns, etc. Exercise your mind and come up with a game plan. Learn what different clubs do if you: grip down, choke up, open the face. etc. Also take lessons. My off season is from november until about march. That's 5 months with intermittent days that there's not snow on the ground. That's about 20 weeks. I'm going to take 5-7 lessons in that space to make sure i haven't developed any bad habits and to keep my muscles in line.

4) Make a schedule. While your'e practicing and playing, make a schedule of accomplishments and what you want to do by when. Make milestones. By separating your golf game, you can concentrate on what you need to drastically improve, and still keep the things you're ok at in shape.

5) invest in yourself. At the beginning of next season ( i mean when it's nice enough to start playing golf, not at the beginning of the school game season) check your swing with whatever pro you've been working with and evaluate your equipment. You've been using it for a while and you'll be used to it, but that doesn't mean it's for you. See what they think about the shaft, length, lie, and grips. I'm not saying to go out and buy new clubs. That's a huge no no. What i'm saying is to make sure what you're using is right for you. You can easily change an entire set of clubs for about 1/6 of what it costs to get a new 3i - pw, just by re-gripping, reshafting, or having them bent/tweaked. That service usually only costs about $50 for a whole set to find your numbers and info.

If you're consistently on the mid 80s train, you've got room to improve. You'll drop strokes fast, but when you hit the 74-78 range, it'll be harder to see improvement. Stay with it. Play in amateur events if you can. I know you don't have a lot of money for it, but that will go leaps and bounds farther than the Highschool golf scores. You'll be looked at to play. D2 or 3 schools may look at a scholarship though.

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