School Backpack Awareness Day 2024 is on Tuesday, September 17, 2024: How are privite schools? Please answer my question :).?

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 is School Backpack Awareness Day 2024. National School Backpack Awareness Day School Backpack Awareness

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How are privite schools? Please answer my question :).?

I'm going to answer these based on the school I attend.

1. No. I know of a Buddhist, two Muslims, and numerous atheists who attend my school. It's mandated that all students take religion classes and around the holidays we must attend mass, but you don't have to be Christian to attend.

2. If you can pass the TACHS exam you will be admitted into the school. If you're as dumb as you say you are you won't get a scholarship, but you will get admitted.

3. I knew a girl who was emo who got bullied out of the school, but she was bullied because she flaunted it. If you don't do anything that makes people believe you carry knives in your backpack and you're going to shoot up the school one day, you should be fine.

4. No. The kids in private schools are a lot like the kids in public schools, believe it or not. I don't know if there are any scene kids due to the fact that we're not allowed to express ourselves much, but none of the kids are all that preppy and perfect.

5. No, the teachers don't paddle you; and how strict they are depends on the teachers themselves. I know some who are very lenient and others who will give you detention for the littlest things.

6. No. There are some teachers who are nuns, but most of the teachers aren't nuns.

7. I've never run into this situation, but I assume you would be sent to the guidance counselor, who would in turn call your parent to ensure their awareness.

8. No. In the winter the uniform sweater would cover them, and since the school code doesn't allow for clothes other than uniform garments to be worn you would see them in the spring, when you switch to the short-sleeved polo shirt.*

* If your scars are on your legs, no one would ever see them except maybe during gym, as you wear pants or a skirt with stockings all year 'round.

Note: If you have your hair dyed an unconventional color you'll have to change it and you'll have to remove all piercings you have [aside from ear piercings] or risk suspension.

-- Rosie ♥

Propose Idea for Gun Education in all schools.?

Propose Idea for Gun Education in all schools.?

It sounds like a pretty good idea to me. A mandatory firearm safety and awareness program could go a long ways in preventing future tragedies. The more children know about how to handle a firearm safely the less likely they are to have an accident with it and the more likely they are to respect the tool and not abuse it. It would be nice to see if you could get your local law enforcement involved in the program as well. Perhaps an officer that is certified in firearm training would be the ideal candidate to lead it.

7 year old daughter claims she FORGETS anything involving school or homework.?

7 year old daughter claims she FORGETS anything involving school or homework.?

Your daughter might think her skills are not as good as the other children and is trying to hide this fact by using her "poor" memory as a convenient solution to hide her problems, real or imagined.

I've taught all ages for over 22 years and my own 10 year old boy is struggling with dyslexia and often early on he would act much as your own daughter is. This is not to say your daughter has a learning problem or is not smart enough. It's just that kids sometimes are super-sensitive about academic skills, especially at her age.

I would suggest making an appoint with the teacher and determining why the teacher is not more communicative about this issue. Is she/he overwhelmed by too many demands of the job...believe me as I teacher I can promise half of her/his job is non-classroom paperwork that is more important to the school district than your daughter. Or, is this teacher just unprepared to work with your daughter because of inexperience or some other reason? This should be a good starting point. Listen to the teacher, just as you want her/him to hear you. If no progress is made, talk to another teacher you respect, maybe in another school.

If all else fails, contact the principal and or counselor and request testing for your daughter. I did not want to think my son might need extra or special help, but he did and still does. He is reading now though, and is progressing quite well due to my awareness of his needs. He also feels much better about himself.

One more thing...I model reading to my children by reading books and magazines around them and to them. Not because I'm a teacher, but because I'm their father and they see me and just think reading and writing are just normal activities, which they are. I make no big deal out of it. I just do it. I don't know about your own habits, but try integrating your reading, writing and arithmetic into her life. I'll even allow my kids to calculate restaurant bills and tips when we eat out. Mostly they like that, especially when I let them use the credit card or cash to pay.

You're right to be concerned. Take positive, constructive steps to help your daughter find pride in her work. Good Luck!

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