National Rehabilitation Day 2024 is on Tuesday, September 17, 2024: national rugby league and after hours,?

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 is National Rehabilitation Day 2024. Rehabilitation Awareness Week National Rehabilitation

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national rugby league and after hours,?

They have to do so many hours community and sponsorship work per season, whether they do so much a week or all in one week that's their choice. They do things such as visit schools, visit hospitals, advertising, etc.. It usually varies on their salary, those earning more have to do more for it. Players starting off in the NRL have to have either part time employment or tertiary studies, they get allowances from training and other committments to attend classes, etc..

Training is generally 4 days per week and game day. One training session is recovery, another is practise where they play against the under 20s and the others focus on the different talks such as kicking, speed, etc.. Depending on their position and fitness depends how much they need to do. Players with injuries also attend rehabilitation, they work twice as hard and outside the regular training sessions.

Should nonviolent criminals be allowed rehabilitation instead of prison?

Should nonviolent criminals be allowed rehabilitation instead of prison?

In a growing number of states, if you're caught breaking and entering or possessing illegal drugs, you may not be sent to prison. You might just be told to go to your room.

Faced with a rapidly growing prison population and budget shortfalls, several states are expanding community control programs for nonviolent offenders, hoping to lower costs, reduce recidivism, and free up prison beds for violent criminals. These programs vary widely in size and structure. But in general, community control programs divert some nonviolent offenders from prison and place them under house arrest and strict supervision for short sentences (18-30 months). Offenders may leave only for approved activities such as going to work, and they are subject to frequent visits from caseworkers, random drug and alcohol tests, and sometimes even electronic monitoring. They are often required to do community service, make restitution to victims, and pay part of the supervision fees.

Minnesota and Oregon both have extensive community control programs, but Florida has the largest such program of any state, with over 14,000 inmates currently in the Florida Community Control Program. In a 1991 study of the FCCP, the National Council on Crime and Delinquency determined that it cost the state $6.49 per day for FCCP offenders as opposed to $39.05 per day for comparable prison inmates.

In addition, the study found that offenders placed in the community control program had a lower new-conviction rate than similar offenders sentenced to prison. S. Christopher Baird, co-author of the study, says drug offenders placed in community control programs in Florida and other states do especially well. Unfortunately, he says, "Many states exclude drug offenders from their programs because of public intolerance of illegal drugs."

Ironically, the public's increasing intolerance toward crime may prod politicians to take advantage of community control programs. New York recently announced a plan to repeal mandatory sentences for nonviolent drug offenders so that judges would have more discretion to sentence these convicts to treatment, community service, or house arrest--in effect, community control. But this would be a means to an end: Pataki said his proposal would open up 3,000-4,000 prison beds for violent offenders.

If you were Prime Minister, president or queen for a day what would you do?

If you were Prime Minister, president or queen for a day what would you do?

if i had only a day?

Speaking from a English View here

right i would:

- make tax higher on the rich for a start

- pledge full integration for the UK into the EU

- Join the Euro

- Apologize for the UKs past (empire building and what not)

- meet then abolish the queen

- lower bottom tax levels to help the poorer

- increase money aid to the poorest regions of the world, as well as the UK

- stop so much of the EUs money being spent back on the UK in the form of Regional Policy

- create rehabilitation centers for racist crimes

- make a move from punishment to rehabilitation in the form of law and order

- increase spending (money comes from the now higher tax rates that are imposed on the rich) on the NHS

- create a real plan for helping Iraq set its self back up

- create a national newspaper that reported facts not opinion (unlike current tabloids) however all current newspapers are move than welcome to keep going

- put politics on the national curriculum

- increase benefits for the unable to work, but have more testing on people that want to claim it

- get rid of the terrorism laws that allow people to be held for up to 42 days with out charge

- bring in ID cards

and a bunch of other stuff that i cant think of right now, or i would just get drunk and ban all bent bananas...

Also on this date Tuesday, September 17, 2024...