Citizenship Day 2024 is on Tuesday, September 17, 2024: How long is citizenship taking these days?

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 is Citizenship Day 2024.

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How long is citizenship taking these days?

Took about three months for me from the time I applied in march of 07 until I got it in June of last year. It could have been faster but I had to travel the day of my finger print appointment so that pushed it back three weeks.I thought it was rather fast.

Applying US Citizenship... Counting Exact days?

Applying US Citizenship... Counting Exact days?

You seem to be in the clear.30 days out of a total of 5 years residency time isn't much to be worried about.

US Citizenship eligibility?

US Citizenship eligibility?

You can apply for US citizenship 90 days before the 5 year anniversary date of the day you obtained your LPR ("Lawful Permanent Resident" status.)

The form to file is the N-400, please click on the link below which will take you to the CIS (formerly INS) site. There are special clauses to get US citizenship more speedily than the 5 years, but involve either military service, working overseas for US companies, having obtained your LPR status through marriage to US citizen -- and all these conditions may very well NOT apply to you.

NOTE: Be very careful about applying before the 90 day period, because if the CIS office receives your application on the 91st day before your 5 year LPR anniversary, they will take the fee, schedule the interview, you will wait ALL that time and then just deny you because you filed too soon. Good luck!

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