International Country Music Day 2024 is on Tuesday, September 17, 2024: Sufi music .?

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 is International Country Music Day 2024. Country Day School International Festival Country Day School

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Sufi music ...........................?

Sufi music in general is music that is produced solely for the praise of God...Glorious and Exalted is He [Allah subhana wa ta'ala in the Arabic], and also the Prophet of Islam [salallahu 'alayhi wa salaam]. Thus Islamic Nasheeds are pretty much the same in that respect.

A modern day Sufi band from Indonesia, though group members are in fact international, is the band Debu. You can find several videos on youtube if you run hits with Sufi music and Debu. They also have a website but I have been unable to find the link. I think this may be the link but it is not working:

The Oud instrument is instrumental [no pun intended] to Sufi music. That is a possible angle you could consider - of the key instruments or the instruments in general. Here is one link for Ouds:

Another modern day Sufi instrument is the Hang drum, as played here, accompanied by the Oud and Sufi singing.

Then there are the whirling dervishes whose 'ecstasy' [deep love and encircling/whirling to reach the throne of God is invariably accompanied by Sufi music, such as this....these are Syrian whirling dervishes:

Try the Scribd website for articles and books on Sufi music:

You might like to ask this in the Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Turkey sections as there are classically Sufi orders in these countries.

Another Sufi music video...praising the Prophet [salallahu 'alayhi wa salaam] and offered as a healing meditation:

Hope this gives you some food for thought.

Peace [salam].

Video of the Day Trivia 1-13-09?

Video of the Day Trivia 1-13-09?

US 99.5 Chicago

Nascar - Daytona International Speedway

Taylor Swift - Tim McGuire

Artist - LeAnn Rimes

Dean's - Sour Cream

Before They Were Famous - c) Yale

Champions - c) Larry Csonka

Country Music Trivia - c) Feel That Fire

This Day In US History - a) San Quentin

Video of the Day - Permanent Markers

You Can Quote Me - c) Gone With The Wind

Sleuth - Smooth ( under Dyson All Floors Upright Vac DC14AF pg.2)

Prayers go out to all those needing our prayers. Glad to hear Lincoln is doing good and Pete too. N7 my heart and prayers go out to your grandchilds other grandparents and their grandchild. It must be real hard losing everything like that. I'm real glad that noone was really hurt. Things can be replaced but people can't.

Prayers for all who don't think they need them right now for any special problems. We all need them to keep us strong for our every day work.

Haven't heard anything yet on TJ's scans from Friday.

jcm (Janet)

Why do we need music?

Why do we need music?

Music gets many of us through the day. It gets us in the mood for holidays, helps us get through rush hour traffic, expresses how we feel about our significant other, and other life situations. We feel better knowing someone else relates to us...

Also on this date Tuesday, September 17, 2024...