Raptor Month on October, 2024: Yamaha YFZ or Raptor 700R Atv?

October, 2024 is Raptor Month 2024. June Raptor of the Month Raptor of the Month-ka.jpg

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Yamaha YFZ or Raptor 700R Atv?

Alright. I own 2 yfz450's because I race. If you want some snappy power then I say get the YFZ. The benefits of the 450R is it is a very powerful engine out of the box, it is fuel injected, it is wide so it is much more stable in corners, it is VERY well built and arguably the BEST 450 out on the market now. These engines are high revving and have power throughout the power band. The 450R is built for the track so they have to be maintained, the valves need to be checked ever 20 hours of riding or so. FYI I own the 450's not the 450r's but I have ridden several 450R's...one stock, one modded slightly, and one race ready.

A Raptor is more of a trail quad. They are low revving and have more grunt force obviously. The reverse is a plus. The downside is they sit higher compared to a yfz and are very narrow so they are not NEARLY as stable as the yfz.

Another thing to take into consideration...how comfortable you are on them. My advice is take a seat on both of them and if possible, ride both. See how you feel on them.

I have a completely MX'ed out quad but I still will rip up the trails with my buddies on their trail quads. I even go through the "Quads not Advised" trails.

I hope this helped you...if you have any further questions feel free to email me. I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to quads. Have a good one.

EDIT: Check again smart guy....the yfz450R is wider than a raptor700...check the site...compare the two in person, a yfz450R is 2 inches wider stock...which makes a HUGE difference in cornering. Don't ask questions and then be a dick to the people who offer knowledge and help. I know my stuff...I work at a quad shop and have been racing for a year...I am my own mechanic, NO ONE touches my quad but me or my dad. I didn't recommend a friggin yfz450 to you...I said I own one. I said I recommend the yfz450R....big difference. And by the way...carbs are really easy to jet, mine has never leaked and I have had it for 2 years, I have never had to clean it once...the only time you have to clean a carb is when you let the quad sit for a few months...and if you do that wth EFI good luck...it is even worse.

Also...the ergonomics of the raptor and yfz450R are COMPLETELY different. Ride both of them and tell me the raptor is as easy to corner with...or even a stock 450 and the raptor. TOTALLY different. Something else to consider, the 450R's shocks are long travel...they handle amazingly better than the raptor's.

If you want reverse and low revving, torqued out quad then get a raptor. That simple. If you want snappy power that revs high and is an amazingly designed quad...get a 450R.

I’m having some problems with my new raptor.?

I'm having some problems with my new raptor.?

It seems like your raptor may be bored. Have you gotten it raptor enrichment toys? These can be bought at your local reptile specialist. Another thing you could try is to adopt some large dogs at a local shelter. These provide more of a challenge than chickens, and will keep your raptor entertained. A busy raptor is a happy raptor! Don't be afraid of your raptor (they can smell fear); go outside regularly to talk to it and make sure it knows your scent. This bonding time is very important to the human / raptor relationship.

whats faster 250 raptor or 200 blaster?

whats faster 250 raptor or 200 blaster?

Go pick up this month's issue of DirtWheels Magazine. They had an article that put the Blaster up against the Raptor 250.

They said that in a drag race the Blaster got the jump, but the Raptor would be ahead by the end.

If you're, thinking about buying for a first time rider, get the Raptor, it's more beginner friendly, with electric start and a lot more modern day features.

The Blaster is a great bike, and you will be able to get good deals on them in the used market. The Blaster was my first bike and I loved it, but today the 2 Strokes don't just compare to the new 4 strokes that are out there.

But like I said go grab that magazine and it will definitely help you make the right decision.

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