National Roller Skating Month on October, 2024: is 13 to old to start figure skating :3?

October, 2024 is National Roller Skating Month 2024. National Roller Skating Month National Roller Skating Month

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is 13 to old to start figure skating :3?

No you're not too old!!!!!!! Don't worry about age. Unless you want to make it to the Olympics, in that case you may be too old. I think you'd have a chance at nationals (especially as you live in Australia, like me!!) if you fall in love with the sport and are really dedicated!! However, it's really expensive so you might want to consider if your parents/you can pay for skating expenses. If you're good at rollerblading then you won't have much trouble ice skating. I'm also 13 and I've been skating for a few months, used to do rollerblading and now I already have most of my single jumps.

I googled your area and couldn't find any ice rinks. that might be a problem for you. But try looking here: it has like all the rinks in australia (as you can see, there aren't many). I live in Vic and have to travel 1 hour and a half to my nearest rink.

Good luck!!

Anybody been campin at the Grand National Smokey Mountain Park Lately?

Anybody been campin at the Grand National Smokey Mountain Park Lately?

hi there,this one reads pretty good!..

Smokey Mountain Park.

Foxwood Family Campground: An Enchanting Natural Oasis

If you like the idea of taking your family to a mountainside retreat, consider booking a week at Foxwood family campground. This scenic retreat is located in the lovely Pocono Mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania. Therefore, while Foxwood Family Campground gives the impression of being far from neighborhood noise, it is close enough to city life to make it quite convenient for travelers.

One of the advantages of staying at Foxwood family campground is that it is close to a number of intriguing attractions. For instance, if you enjoy seeing how objects are made, you might want to tour the nearby candy and candle factories. Teenagers will enjoy the dances at Shawnee, bowling, roller skating, and ice skating. Meanwhile, their parents might want to explore Marshall�s Creek Flea Market, the Pocono International Raceway, or a variety of fascinating museums. Other attractions include horseback riding, golf courses, go carts, and county fairs. In other words, no matter what your favorite leisure activity might be, chances are you will find it nearby.

Foxwood family campground also boasts an incredible list of campsite activities. This can be particularly important if you intend to spend the vast majority of your time on site. For instance, in April, you can take part in a bingo marathon weekend. In May, you can take advantage of mini casino games such as Texas Hold�Em, Roulette, 21, and slots. Memorial Day at Foxwood family campground is celebrated with such activities as karaoke and an ice cream social.

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You might call September �family month� at Foxwood. That�s because there are plenty of activities then that are suitable for the entire family. These include a special grandparents� weekend�a children�s talent contest�and an adult �Gong Show.� September is also the month for Foxwood�s yearly pig roast.

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have a good time...

How can you know you are meant to Ice Skate, is your heart good enough

How can you know you are meant to Ice Skate, is your heart good enough, are you good enough to be one?

One night I went ice skating with a friend of mine . . . only because she wanted to. Once we got on the ice, ohhhhhhh . . . something inside me just lit up . . . and I knew THAT was what I wanted to get into.

As a kid, I dreamed of becoming the best roller skater in the world - even though I only skated on the sidewalk a lot. Growing up I loved music and dance. As an adult, I needed to find an exercise regiment. So somehow figure skating would cover all those things . . . and I instantly connected that thought when we skated that one faithful evening. How cool is it to relive a childhood passion (though it was different equipment) . . . and keeping healthy at that? I just knew skating was meant for ME!

I did research on ice skates that week - and I had my very own pair by the end of the week. Skates are not cheap, so buying my own pair you bet I was going to commit to this sport.

I skated many evening public sessions on my own after that, then met a few nice people "my age" who encouraged me to take lessons. I thought I was fairly good at it . . . and my new friends who taught me stuff thought I learned so quickly . . . so I had my first group lesson within a couple months. They let me skip to the next level that very first day. I loved learning to skate all these moves . . . and I just practiced my little heart out to keep moving forward. Eventually I got my own coach, got to compete, perform, go to Adult Nationals . . . I did more in skating than I ever thought I could. And I had LOADS of FUN every step of the way!

I know what you mean as I was once there too. The only way you're going to find out is getting productive about it and going for it. You have a gut feeling about entering this beautiful sport, so I say go with it . . . you may be pleasantly surprised how far your love for skating will take you.

I knew I loved to skate the moment I started, but it wasn't until I really got into it that I realized HOW MUCH I loved it. I'll tell you - it'll never be out of my life - wink!!! Best of luck to you!!

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