Co-op Awareness Month on October, 2024: op Awareness Month - I feel like I'm horrid at programming?

October, 2024 is Co-op Awareness Month 2024. October is Co-op Awareness Month - Media Sales Today Even better, many formal co-op advertising plans from manufacturers will be

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I feel like I’m horrid at programming?

Programming is a field of competition, in always being cutting edge. So you need to start expecting a very competitive field. Thats why alot of programmers do alot of side programs, and work in the open source community. It allows them to 1. Practice their skill, 2. as the program being open source it allows others to modify your program, and you learn from their modifications, hence improving your skill again, 3. It promotes openness and thats always a good thing.

Start looking for open development teams and contribute your work. Soon you will how to pick up so many different coding methodologies. Find a program you find intresting before you jump in. That way you will be more oriented to doing something you know you won't get any immediate financial gain from.

It takes time, don't worry.

Am I really doing rubbishly with my life? (UK)?

Am I really doing rubbishly with my life? (UK)?

Not all people like to read that long essay.

Am I going mad about obessing with my qualifications? (UK) Please help me, I need it?

Am I going mad about obessing with my qualifications? (UK) Please help me, I need it?

omg if i had all those i would be on cloud nine!!! my qualifications don't even come close to all that!!!! you've seem to have worked really hard to get all those and someone who is a "retard" (i hate that word!!! hate it with a passion) wouldn't have been able to do all that! i wonder if you look at your brothers qualification which one would have more/better things on it?

but serious, its not a competition between you and anyone! be proud of who you are and what makes you you. im 20 and it took me so long to realize that no one was going to make me feel better about myself then myself! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!! i dont know you and im already very proud of you!

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