Adopt A Dog Month on October, 2024: October is adopt a dog month!!!!!!!!!!!?

October, 2024 is Adopt A Dog Month 2024. adopt-dog-month.jpg Why Adopt a Shelter Dog

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October is adopt a dog month!!!!!!!!!!!?

I wish! I can't! I am only 13 so if I want to commit to something like a new dog, I have to have my parents approval.

You so rock for trying to support those dogs in need. I wish I could be more helpful, but I guess it is the thought that counts.

I hope this question makes people that have an open spot for a new pet to think about adopting from a shelter.

I wish that you were my best friend, because we could go save the earth! Little steps make a difference, you know!

Message me!

Remember: Be nice. Don't call strangers names!

See ya!

Adopting another dog?

Adopting another dog?

Adopting is wonderful! A 7 month old puppy is a major handful!!! Mine is a year and she's still a handful. I would suggest waiting at least another year to adopt, you may not know what you're getting yourself into! Also, since it sounds like you live at home with your mom just keep in mind the fact that dogs are with you for at least 10yrs! Are you ready to make that commitment? When you move out are you certain you'll be able to find a place that allows two dogs? Large dogs? Please think the decision over carefully and GOOD LUCK!

What to expect when adopting a five month old German shepherd dog?

What to expect when adopting a five month old German shepherd dog?

Since you're adopting this dog, chances are it comes from a bad bloodline/BYB. I know a reputable GSD breeder who has galdy taken back a 5 month old puppy because it was a HS girl's dog, and her grades dropped...

WHy do you say he's well behaved but he bites, jumps, and barks? My 3 month old GSD doesn't bark that much... her jumping is reduced a lot, and he mouths. Now she doesn't bite me to hard, just puts her mouth on my hand when we play...

Yes, that is normal, but if this dog had training, most of these problems shouldn't be your concern. At 5 months old, I see my puppy jumping on new people a little, maybe barking a little more, and not too nippy...

Also on this date Tuesday, October 1, 2024...