National Cookbook Month on October, 2021: Health question?

October, 2021 is National Cookbook Month 2021.

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Health question?

Here are a few links for you

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PS did everyone eat a grouchy pill today?

celiac disease?

celiac disease?

Hi. I"m impressed your actually being tested!! First consider yourself lucky bc it often can take 15 years to be properly diagnosed with Celiac.

If you have Celiac Disease (CD) you will need to follow a Gluten Free diet FOR LIFE. No cheating, no ifs ands or buts, you dont eat gluten. Every time u do u hurt yourself more and more.

MAKE SURE u are eating gluten prior to the test (for at least a few weeks) or your test will be wrong so DO NOT start the GF diet until after the testing is done.

There are some great links and resources out there for Celiacs and you are not alone!! Millions of ppl have CD.

Some good books:

Celiac DIsease a Hidden Epidemic by Dr Peter Greene

Living Wheat and Gluten Free for Dummies by Danna Korn

Gluten Free GOurmet by Bette Hagman (cookbook)

(she has others also)

sites: (leads a national non profit support groups all over the country. Click on Local Support to find a chapter near u for help and info) (search "Forbidden Foods" ont he site and it'll take u toa list of safe vs forbidden foods on the GF diet. Print it, learn it and you will be fine!)

Shopping online is helpful and cheaper: (grocery section)

Some of my fave brands:

Bob's Red Mill

Pamelas (baking and cookie products. YUMMY cake mix!)

Glutino (AWESOME frozen pizzas)


Tinkyada (pastas)

Health food stores and places like Whole FOods will have alot of good GF foods.

If you do test positive for CD your first and 2nd degree relatives should be tested also, especially your parents and siblings, as CD is HIGHLY genetic and one must carry the gene ino rder to have CD. So if u have it is likely one of your parents does also and doesnt know (or hasnt had it triggered yet).

Once you go gf u will probably feel a TON better! Your body will begin to heal and you will feel like a new person!!

Best of luck and feel free to email me with any other questions.


Kids Library and book ideas?

Kids Library and book ideas?

I have four children, as well- a 13 year old daughter, 10 year old son, 3 year old daughter and my youngest son turns 1 later this month.

We have an extensive home library that we built by making frequent trips to the book store and letting them select books- especially when they have the Buy 2, Get 1 Free type deals or other sales. Another good place to stock up on them are the thrift stores.

I highly recommend books from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. They are good, old fashioned books worth the reading. We do not have the complete collection of either series, but we have quite a few. My children also like The Boxcar Children series. The Guardians of Ga'Hoole is popular right now, I believe. If your girls love animals/horses, there are several series_ Animal Ark, Breyer Books, etc. We also have a lot of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" titles. I can not recall the name of the series right now, but we have a lot of sports books by the same author. I absolutely LOVE the DK Eyewitness books. We have joke books, dinosaur books, children's cookbooks, etc.

Do not forget magazines- I love Your Big Backyard, Ranger Rick, Pack O Fun, Highlights, Highlights High Five, Blaze (for horse loving girls), Boys Life, National Geographic Kids, Little National Geographic, etc.

We homeschool, and our "library" is our dining room. We have four bookcases in there, filled with reference books, curriculum books, picture books, story books, novels, etc. I also have one of those book racks where you can see the cover of the book, and I rotate those out for my little one(s). The dining room table is in there, but we encourage reading anywhere- the papasan chair in the den, under the bed, on the trampoline, in the tree fort.

If you frequent your library a lot, ask if they have any old posters you can have after they take them down. Also look for posters at a local education/teacher supply store. I have some that list different genre, some with facts about poems, etc.

Also on this date October 1, 2021...