Vegetarian Month on October, 2021: Vegetarian?

October, 2021 is Vegetarian Month 2021.

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I turned vegetarian about six months ago. My family are serious meat-eaters so I felt exactly the same. But if you feel strongly about something and explain your reasons for doing this, they should understand and support you in your decisions, I'm sure they will.

There are so many vegetarian alternatives in supermarkets these days, I actually didn't find it too difficult.

I found some of the links of the PETA website useful, they give some good advice for starting out. Good Luck!!

Vegetarian for a month?

Vegetarian for a month?

I went on a fast to cleanse my system and jump start a vegetarian diet (I started out for the health benefits also)...I lost 10lbs right away and then kept losing though I was eating all the delicious vegetarian food I had wanted. All in all, I lost 40 lbs (I'm 5' tall and weigh about 100 lbs now). Lost it healthily within a couple years. I feel cleaner, more pure, and infinitely more healthy now! I say, try it for a month and see how you feel! I think you'll love it!

Keep in mind though, just because you're eating "vegetarian" doesn't necessarily translate to "healthy". Technically speaking, Twinkies, cheese pizza, fries, potato chips, ice cream and cookies are "vegetarian", so you do still have to be mindful of what exactly you are eating. ;)

Oh! Also, if you're interested in health, I highly recommend reading The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. He explains in depth the benefits of a plant based diet and what meat does to the body (with scientific studies to back up his claims).



Well congrats on looking into the healthier and more humane eating path :) First of all I think the main importance is learning about the health aspects and what you would need to do to eat and stay healthy....

and about the different kinds.. .

But to begin this site will answer a lot of questions and give you the important steps, such as don't go cold turkey and where to look for veggie friendly recipes and meal replacement ideas...


other tips:

* Avoid meat after a few months of being a vegetarian, because it might make you ill!

* Beware of animal by-products, such as gelatin and rennet. Check labels when shopping - especially yogurts, desserts and products containing cheese.

* Don't try to force or guilt people you know to go vegetarian. It's a personal choice, and people are free to eat whatever diet they decide on.

* Don't try to substitute meat in cooking when trying to cook vegetarian. Get new sets of vegetarian recipes from Indian, Arab, Chinese, Thai and Japanese websites.

* Vegetarian doesn't always mean healthier if you don't change your habits. Eat plenty of vegetables, and fruits.

* Don't assume a product doesn't have animal products in it just because it is something like french fries or jello. Read EVERY label. There are certain brands of fries and other food products that contain beef or chicken stock even though you wouldn't think so.

* If you find yourself craving meat think about the animal it was made from. Imagine it's alive. You will quickly lose your meat appetite in favor of something better.

Good luck, I have been a vegetarian of varying degrees for the last 10 years. It may take some time to get used to the transition, and if you have any questions please feel free to email or IM me :) Good luck!

Also on this date October 1, 2021...