Fair Trade Month on October, 2024: Is this a fair trade-off?

October, 2024 is Fair Trade Month 2024. What is Fair Trade Learn about Fair Trade and buy coffee, tea, chocolate & handcrafts

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Fair Trade Month

Fair Trade Month aims to boost understanding of why fair trade is essential, and also to promote purchasing and taking advantage of socially and in a commercial sense sustainable, fair trade items instead of goods which might harm the atmosphere, the economy, towns and disadvantaged people.

Is this a fair trade-off?

it's fair. my mom was the same way to me. do what she asks of you, and be sweet about it. sometimes in life ya gotta do stuff you don't like to what you want. don't kiss a** , just pat it a little. have you ever considered sneaking back in through a previously opened window? it's a handy way to get in hella late without waking the whole household. and i'd find a new stash spot for the smokes!!! good luck!

What is a fair trade?

What is a fair trade?

you want to trade a phone with 2 year old technology - iphone4, for a brand new HTC rezound. you better throw in a couple hundred dollars as well. i wouldnt consider the trade a fair one & i think you will have a hard time finding someone with a brand new phone wanting to swap for an old out of date phone. the best thing i could suggest is to sell your phone on ebay & make up the difference from what you get to buy the rezound.

What are your thoughts about FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS as opposed to products that are purely profit

What are your thoughts about FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS as opposed to products that are purely profit oriented?

Fair trade marketed products are absolute rubbish.

'fair trade' is just another 'brand' / marketing tool used by large supermarkets, to make you think that they care about where they get there products. In the same week that the fair trade 'promo' was on I saw on the news two (im sure they wernt the only ones) farmers have to sell up because supermarkets demand stupid prices for their produce.

There is somthing wrong with monopolising market when a primary producer only makes 1p profit per unit for its months of hard labour, yet the supermarkets make 15p for just storing it for a week!

How can you consider fair trade anything but laughable when we cant even take care of our own.

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