Sausage Month on October, 2021: Poll: Bacon or Sausage~!

October, 2021 is Sausage Month 2021.

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Poll: Bacon or Sausage~! ??

Hmmm, love my sausage girly, but once a month i gotta slap on the bacon..............x

ok to freeze sausage?

ok to freeze sausage?

You betcha...

Wrap the sausage in heavy duty foil, then single (or double bag) in heavy freezer zip-type bags.

Be sure to date the bags and with sausage I wouldn't store longer than 2 months prior to eating.

Can a 9 month old eat sausage patties?

Can a 9 month old eat sausage patties?

He is not too young for meat. A lot of doctors now recommend meat as early as 6 months. Have you given him pork before, or would this be his first? What about wheat? Has he had that before? If he has had neither, I might be a little hesitant too introduce both at once, just in case there is a reaction (you won't know which food caused it). Please check the ingredients on the patties and biscuits though. A lot of them are full of crappy ingredients that you may not want your baby to have. I have fed my kids a few bites of sausage patty (with eggs and English muffins, for breakfast), but when they were 14 or 15 months old.

One thing I used to do was to keep an "emergency" supply of a couple of jars of baby food. We would not feed it to them on a regular basis (we would just feed him whatever we were having), but on that occasional day when we would feel like crap food or take out for dinner, it was great to just pull those out. You could also freeze small portions of some of your homemade stuff, and re-heat those on nights like tonight.

Also on this date October 1, 2021...